The Mermaid of Maracot Deep

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Fantastic Adventures March 1949
FA49-03 0008-09
FA49-03 0040-41
FA49-03 0052-53
FA49-03 0100
FA49-03 0106-107
FA49-03 0118-119

The Astonishing Story Of A Submarine That Went Too Deep!
Beneath the ocean floor lay a great secret — guarded by the giant mer-race…

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Tramp Steamer

Tramp Steamer by John Dexter, Greenleaf, 1965 thumbnail
Leisure Book #1115 1965 thumbnail
Tramp Steamer by John Dexter, Greenleaf, 1965
Leisure Book #1115 1965

Wanton Guests On A Sin Cruise Of Shame!

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Hot Cargo (1953)

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Lion Book 171 (1953)
Lion Book 171 (1953) Back

They carried 129,000 Tons Of Explosive Oil — And A TNT Woman!

Somehow, this is the third book with this title I have posted.
From the back:

The ship was a seam-split-ting, creaking, leaking, stinking barge.
It would get by.
The captain was a fat, foul-mouthed, drunken bum.
He’d do
The crew was cutthroat, cunning, and crooked.
It did its work.
And the one female passenger was young. lovely, and willing. But she was a lighted torch to the inflamed passions of 19 men… and when she was bored with lusting, she turned her devil’s mind to the biggest thrill of her life—She put a match to the cargo: 129,000 tons of high explosive oil.


Hell Below

Doc Savage 1943 September

Doc Savage Mixes Things With An Old Indian Fighter, A Scatter-Brained Heiress, And A Couple Of Nazi Submarines


Amphibian Lifeboat Speeds Rescues

Popular Science January 1937 thumbnail
Popular Science January 1937 thumbnail
Popular Science January 1937
Popular Science January 1937

This entire issue can be read here

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