Twice With Julie (1965)


He had failed, just as had a hundred others, to satisfy the incredible passion that drove her from town to town, from man to man.

From the back:

He had fallen in love with a girl who lived in constant torment, a girl who spent every waking moment in desperate need of sex, a girl who was never without need of a man, any man, a girl who was beyond caring who or what or where or how as long as there was someone seeking to appease the fiery hungers that burned so intensely within her feverish body! He had fallen in love with a girl some called a swinger, others called a tramp, still others knew as a prostitute… but he alone knew was the odd breed of female described by psychiatrists as a

The 1962 edition, with a cover by Maguire, is here


The Seduction Game

Midwood 33-882 1967

Excited by the same man, mother and daughter played a dangerous game — and only one could survive.


Open House

Midwood 32-464 1965

How could she warn her teenage daughter without exposing the sordid truth of her own relationship with their virile young boarder?


Finders Keepers (Original Title: Ladder Of Flesh)

Midwood 32-484 1965

She was a play-toy for a strange breed of older, wealthy women… women who knew her weakness and how to exploit it.

We have two different covers for this novel under the original title Ladder Of Flesh. This cover art was later used for The Bitter Flesh.


Co-Ed With Class / Out For Kicks

1966 - Midwood Books - 34-709

Two Exciting Stories About Young Women & The School Days They Would Never Forget


Passion Trip

Tuxedo Books 1962 thumbnail
Tuxedo Books 1962 Back thumbnail
Tuxedo Books 1962
Tuxedo Books 1962 Back

Her Body Was A Magnet That Broke His Will Of Steel… She Used It Mercilessly To Make All Men Do Her Bidding!!

From the back:

Greed For Money, Power And Lust
drove them into a pact with the devil to commit murder, while indulging in an orgy of adultery!!


The Love Racket

Bee-Line Books 211 1967

Steve Ferrier was a pro… whether he was busy in an amorous mistress’s bedroom or out on the tennis court during a hot match!


Again and Again (1968)

Midwood 34-978 1968 thumbnail
Midwood_34-978 1968 thumbnail
Midwood 34-978 1968
Midwood_34-978 1968

He was strictly no good — but he had women standing in line to be next!

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Nurse Carolyn (1960)

Midwood F292 1960

She was just what the doctor ordered, but more than the patient could take.

This is the second edition. First edition is here.


Nurse Carolyn

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MATERNITY WARD by Joseph Como, All Star Book #AS 135, 1967 thumbnail
MATERNITY WARD by Joseph Como, All Star Book #AS 135, 1967

She Was Not Only Good For Her Patients… She Was Good To Them

An Intimate Peek Into The Extra-Curricular Duties Of a Very Private Nurse!

Cover art was reused for Maternity Ward by Joseph Como, All Star Book #AS 135, 1967

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The Sex Game

Midwood F192 1962

It wasn’t the score, but how long they could last that counted — it became a marathon

Cover later reused for Grand Slam Girl


The Unfortunate Flesh

Midwood #63 1960

She Couldn’t Love Men — So She Turned To Woman
A Touching Story Of The Third Sex And Forbidden Love That Dares Not Tell Its Name


Her First Time

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Midwood 34-940 1968 thumbnail
Midwood 34-940 1968

All it took was that first experience to let loose a wild craving for men that threatened to ruin her life.

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