No Men Wanted / Switcher

Midwood 34-858 1967

There Wasn’t Anything A Man Could Do That They Couldn’t Do Better!


This Is Elaine (1966)

Midwood 33-780 1966

What really goes on in some small, “quiet” towns

From the back:

Elaine Appeared To Be A Typical Young Wife, Devoted To Her Home And Her Husband — But She Was Anything But What She Appeared. Under Her Pretty. Quiet Facade Was A Wicked, Hungry Nature… And There Wasn’t A Man In Town That Didn’t Know It!


The Cruel Touch

Cruel Touch thumbnail
Midwood Books F259 1963 thumbnail
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Cruel Touch
Midwood Books F259 1963

She was a savage in satin, waiting to degrade and destroy him.

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Sin Sorority / The Waitress

Midwood #34-903

Two powerful novels about women so badly in need of love that any kind will do.

Cover art reused from Private Party

From the back:

Lois, who had no use for men, bossed The Delts, the most talked-about and powerful sorority on campus. To be admitted, a girl had to submit to Lois’s special kind of initiation . . .
Charlie’s diner was the wrong place for a pretty waitress scared of men because someone had tried to rape her in high school. At Charlie’s, other men — and women — would try again . . .


On Company Time

Midwood 33-730 1966 thumbnail
Midwood 33-730 1966 back thumbnail
Midwood 33-730 1966
Midwood 33-730 1966 back

Robin found an exciting job in the big city!

From the back:

Robin was too hip not to realize that she had been hired for her stunning looks as much as for her typing ability. And although she was still inexperienced she knew that she would be charmed and pleased if he made a play for her. This is the penetrating story of what happened when Robin’s most exciting expectations were fulfilled.


Cindy: Very Private Nurse

Bee-Line Book 167 1967 thumbnail
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Bee-Line Book 167 1967
Bee-Line Book 167 1967 Back

She was a hot blooded young medical aide, assigned to provide ‘special care’ to an over-wrought writer of lusty books… who tried to live up to his image, even though confined to a hospital bed!

From the back:

The patient was Gardiner Holt, prize-winning author of novels noted for their frankness. He was bleeding heavily from a long, nasty cut on his left arm. The diagnosis: attempted suicide! Nurse Cindy Bishop was told to provide the Tender Loving Care that would pull Holt out of his depression. The doctor’s instructions were vague—but Cindy and her patient soon got down to specifics—like high-powered necking in a hospital bed. And when Dr. William Manning saw how rapidly Holt improved he wanted some of the same medicine himself!


Desire Under The Sun

Midwood NO.F97 1961

A novel as violent and as passionate as the desert… The moving story of a beautiful Mexican girl and the men who used her with brutal lust.


Sex Ranch

Midwood 34-965 1968

Officially it was a dude ranch but its real purpose was to give bored women what they wanted — anything they wanted.


Campus Queen

Midwood 33-682 1965

She Played The Game — And Won

From the back:

After a year of college, Nancy. found that books, alone, could not teach her what she wanted to learn. This is the story about a beautiful girl and her quest to discover the facts-of-life.


Obsession (1965)

Midwood 32-510 1965

There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do to be alone with this strange and sensual creature

From the back:

The Velvet Trap
She had wanted only to be loved, to be desired, to please and be pleased. Somehow, somewhere during her quest for fulfillment, she’d become both the used and the user, the subject and the object, a creature of both ecstasy and despair.
Was this to be her fate: to be a mere plaything of these savage, lusting women… a helpless victim of their strange sickness? Was this to be her life: to be passed around among these hard and voracious creatures who cared nothing about her feelings but only her body… who took without giving, seeking only to satisfy their own depraved and jaded needs?



Midwood Books F164, 1962 thumbnail
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Midwood Books F164, 1962

Suzi came of age in the world of high fashion and low morals

From the back:

Biologically, Suzi needed all the fulfillment of a healthy woman. Psychologically, she was a naive girl who believed fashion models only had to be beautiful to get ahead. Then Stan began to teach her the facts of life right there on his soft office rug, while the man she loved waited in the lobby.


The Poisoned Pussy (The Lady from L.U.S.T. #9)

Tower Books 45-212 1969 thumbnail
BelmontTower 45-212, 1969 thumbnail
Sock It to Me Gardner F Fox thumbnail
Tower Books 45-212 1969
BelmontTower 45-212, 1969
Sock It to Me Gardner F Fox

Sock It To Me, Says Eve Drum… Which  Is What They’re All Dying To Try — And Die Trying

This entire book can be read online here


The Platinum Trap

MIDWOOD # F-202 1962 thumbnail
MIDWOOD #F-202 1962 Back thumbnail
MIDWOOD # F-202 1962
MIDWOOD #F-202 1962 Back

From the tip of her toes to her platinum top Joan Browne’s body was a devouring trap that fed her greed for fame and pleasure