If The Noose Fits…

Dime Detective July 1950 thumbnail
Dime Detective v63 n03 [1950-07] 0013 thumbnail
Dime Detective July 1950
Dime Detective v63 n03 [1950-07] 0013

This cover was also used for Black Mask. The entire issue can be downloaded here.


The Cannibal Cruise Of The “Essex”

Men In Conflict February 1962

Also, Let’s Make Stag Shows Legal, Thirty-Five Seconds Of Slaughter, and Queen City Of Sex


The Strange Orgy Of Gunrunner Slade

Wildcat Adventures August 1961

Also featuring Torrid Temptress Of Tampico, The Nude Ghoul Of The London Blitz, and Is Alcohol A Love Stimulant?


Killer Cat

True Adventures April 1962

Also featuring How She Wants To Be Loved, Why The G.I.s Call It Pig Alley, and The Devil’s Dew