So Wicked My Love (1961)


It was safer to be locked alone in a room with a deadly cobra than to spend a few minutes with Cherry. Pert little redheaded Cherry, with a bubbling laugh and a figure that drove me crazy.
She haunted my days and my nights and drew me along with heir on a nightmare of love, lust and murder…



Intimate Novels 23, 1952

The daring story of a profaned love—and reckless passion!
How Many Men Can One Woman Juggle?


The Case of the Cautious Coquette

Pocket Books #1009, 1954 thumbnail
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Pocket Books #1009, 1954

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Two Rolls, No Coffee

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine December 1953

I suspect that this cover is actually illustrating The Frame-Up, but I used that title for the UK edition. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Passion Blues

Beacon Books BB145 1957

Sherry Pleased: Hope Teased: And Then — There Was Linda


Dr. Randolph’s Women

Intimate Novel #21 1952

Where They Patients — Or Playmates?
Where the physician stopped, the man began…!

From the back:

She was a broad-minded wife…
A physician’s wife has to overlook certain things. But Dr. Clinton Randolph took Marcia too seriously when she said he could go out with his lady patients. He actually tried it, and on the night of their third anniversary. It turned out to be a big evening for them both. Clint found himself a victim of the old army game. Marcia wound up with the Navy–in her bathtub! And when Clint returned from his escapade, he found Marcia sobering up a perfect stranger, with kisses. Which caused Clint to turn around and walk right out again. Just at this juncture, who should appear but Marcia’s old lover, Parker Browne. He hadn’t changed a bit …
Here is a cutting analysis of modern liberalism in marriage, a deft and exciting novel of fair play which gets out of hand. It’s moral? Never mistake tolerance for indifference?


French Model (1957)

Beacon B133 1957

To Girls Like Her, Sex Was A Way Of Life
The Risque Escapades Of A Passionate Playgirl


Teaser (1957)

Beacon B158 1957

Bonnie Was Her Name… Love Was Her Game!
A Novel Of A Woman Who Promised Everything — And Sometimes Delivered…


Witch on Wheels

Beacon B128 1957

She’d Do Anything For Money — Anything!
The Fascinating Story Of An Evil Woman!


Passion and a Bridegroom’s Vengeance

Love-Crime Detective Issue #1 August 1942 thumbnail
Love-Crime Detective August 1942 thumbnail
Love-Crime Detective August 1942, #1 thumbnail
Love-Crime Detective Issue #1 August 1942
Love-Crime Detective August 1942
Love-Crime Detective August 1942, #1

First of only 5 issues.

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Love Doctor (1959)

Stanley Library SL-70 1959

His Man Starved Female Patients Wouldn’t Let Him be True to His Torrid Wife!

From the back:

Their marriage—the young, handsome doctor and the beautiful blonde—got started wrong.
Clyde’s gentle, Dresden-doll approach to Norma was out of character—but he couldn’t help himself… couldn’t help the mental block that rooted in his childhood.
Reacting to her aloofness, he acquired a mistress while on his honeymoon—and went back to his inveterate girl chasing… till
Norma caught him cold, and walked out—going back to her first boy-friend, a live-wire public relations executive who had taught her the passion and violence of love.
This is life—raw, harsh, ruthless—the way people like Clyde and Norma make it for themselves! A NOVEL THAT DISSECTS THE SHAM OF ATOMIC-AGE LOVE!

A 1961 edition is here


Case of the Mythical Lover

Smash Detective Cases December 1945

Also, Murder Visits The Haunted House