The Monster and the Model

Weird Thrillers Sep-Oct 1951 thumbnail
Weird Thrillers No.1 1951 thumbnail
Weird Thrillers Sep-Oct 1951
Weird Thrillers No.1 1951

The Monster on the cover is an image of the late actor Rondo Hatton, who died in 1946. The first issue, the entire thing can be downloaded here


Secret Of The Observatory

Amazing Stories, August 1938 thumbnail
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Amazing Stories, August 1938

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Sisterhood Of The Flesh

Domino 72-922, 1965

Melanie sought refuge in a world where color lines were as unreal as the rules and taboos of “normal” sex


Cafe Society Sinner

Intimate novel 48, 1953

A Brilliant Novel Exposing The Vice Racket!
He surrounded himself with a bevy of beauties. But was he their master — or their victim?

Republished in 1960


Male For Sale

Universal 1950

How Much Should A Girl Pay For A Man?
Poor little rich girl! Her divorces solved nothing. And all her money could not buy real love…


I Am A Nympho

Monarch Giant #MB523 1962

The Compelling Story of A Girl Who Couldn’t Say No

From the back:

Hyperaesthesia Sexualis. That’s one of the Clinical names for my problem. Kubudi ubsatuata is another. Those are the fancy terms. But is all adds up to the fact that I am a Nympho! You can take it from there: Promiscuous, wanton, round-heeled, pushover, tramp. It all comes to the same thing – one man isn’t enough for em, nor a dozen, not even a hundred! The self-righteous call me bad; the smug call me evil; and wise call me sick. But what difference does if make? When the fever is in me I don’t have time to examine or evaluate. I can only demand! That’s nymphomania: a never-ending search for the unattainable – fulfillment!


My Sister, My Love

Monarch 352, 1963 thumbnail
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Monarch 352, 1963

They Took Their Love Where They Could Find It — In Each Other’s Arms

Miriam Gardner is a pseudonym for Marion Zimmer Bradley

From the back:

It all began with a game, an innocent game. Two young girls — sisters — pretending to be Prince and Princess, clinging to each other for comfort and affection in the face of their lonely lives.
They shared a world cut off from all outsiders—until the night a trusted, older man took Missy by force, stirring her desires and causing her to revile men. It was natural for Missy to run to Holly for comfort.
It was natural for Holly to comfort her in the only way she knew…
Only this time it wasn’t a game. This time it turned into a passion they couldn’t control… a passion stronger than the ties of their blood and which could only lead them to emotional chaos and personal disaster.


I Am A Lesbian

Monarch MB529, 1962

Her Kind Of Love Was Different – But Was It Wrong?

Lee Chapman was a pseudonym of Marion Zimmer Bradley. Unrelated to this book of the same name, which is by Lora Sela, a pseudonym of Carol Hales