The Great Aphrodisiac Myth

Adventure cover, June 1961 thumbnail
Adventure magazine June 1961 thumbnail
Adventure cover, June 1961
Adventure magazine June 1961

Also featuring What Price Chastity?, That BARDOT Girl, Dr. Death And His Hundred Brides, and The Madman And The Blonde


We Speared The Giant Manta

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Cavalier for Men v02 n03 [1954-04] 0032-33 thumbnail
Cavalier for Men v02 n03 [1954-04] 0035 thumbnail
Cavalier for Men v02 n03 [1954-04] 0032-33
Cavalier for Men v02 n03 [1954-04] 0035

This entire issue can be downloaded here


A. Conan Doyle’s Tiger Shark Hunt

Adventure Magazine cover, October 1961 thumbnail
ADVENTURE October 1961 138-1 thumbnail
Adventure Magazine cover, October 1961
ADVENTURE October 1961 138-1

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The Forty-Nine Frankensteins

Dime Mystery April 1939

Also featuring City of Tiny Corpses


Flesh Fiesta

flesh fiesta

They Hunted For Gold And Settled For Sin!

Why do so many Adult Reading covers have strategically placed branches or hair or wisps of steam or whatever covering the women? Because otherwise you end up with THIS ABOMINATION.


Jack Wright And His Electric Sea Ghost

Pluck And Luck October 1903

Or, A Strange Under Water Journey

by “Noname”. This entire issue can be downloaded here

Slay Belles

Dime Detective - April 1951 thumbnail
DimeDetective-1951-04-p015 thumbnail
DimeDetective-1951-04-p033 thumbnail
DimeDetective-1951-04-p041 thumbnail
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Dime Detective - April 1951

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Nautipuss, paperback cover, 1965 thumbnail
Ember Library #EL-309 1965 thumbnail
Ember Library 309 1965 thumbnail
1965 Ember EL 309 thumbnail
Nautipuss, paperback cover, 1965
Ember Library #EL-309 1965
Ember Library 309 1965
1965 Ember EL 309

Agent 0008 Battles The Temptress Of The Deep!

From the back:

It was the most difficult assignment of killer agent 0008’s career. For he must succumb to the ravishing demands of the most evil woman of all time — the diabolical sex goddess — Captain Demo, whose insatiable band of female slaves formed a prison of flesh aboard the — Nautipuss

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Yank Adventurer Who Grabbed Hitler’s Incredible U-Boat Treasure

Hilter's U-Boat Treasure, Male Magazine interior illustration, April 1972 thumbnail
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Hilter's U-Boat Treasure, Male Magazine interior illustration, April 1972

1972’s Bloodiest Search For Sunken Riches

The prize was a million dollars in mercury. But he was surrounded by enemies — the sea, the sharks, hijackers, and then the most unexpected enemy of all…

By the 70’s, these men’s magazine covers had devolved to stereotypical (i.e. boring) girly-photos, but the interior illustrations were often still awesome.

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Sex Martyrs: Their Crime is Love!

See For Men November 1962

And underwater rape. But mostly love.