Watchers Of The Dark

Curtis Books 1969

A monstrous weapon from beyond threatens the galaxy with total madness

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Black Abyss

Urania – Il sole nudo, 1957 thumbnail
51148379085-black-abyss-by-j-l-powers-aka-john-s-glasby-london-john-spencer-cobadger-books-sf-32-1960-cover-art-by-carlo-jacono thumbnail
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IL SOLE NUDO (N. 161) thumbnail
Urania – Il sole nudo, 1957

Life Without Annihilating War Depended Upon Finding Another Earth-Like Planet In The Galaxy

Otherwise, our children would have to grow up in a world where war had been annihilated. This cover art was reused from an Italian edition of Asimov’s The Naked Sun

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The Day The Monsters Broke Loose

Super-Science Fiction June 1959

Also featuring Creatures Of Green Slime and Terror Of The Undead Corpses. This entire issue can be downloaded here