Go Down To Glory (Original Title: This Bright Summer)

Dell D114 1952 Dust Jacket thumbnail
Dell D114 1952 Cover thumbnail
Dell D114 1952 Back Cover thumbnail
Dell D114 1952 Dust Jacket
Dell D114 1952 Cover
Dell D114 1952 Back Cover

She knew the earthly hungers of lonely mountain men
They loved in the shadow of fear and evil

This paperback is the only Dell edition with a dust-jacket. The colorful dust-jacket art is by Griffith Foxley, the more abstract cover itself is by Walter Brooks.

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The Big Snatch (The Lady from L.U.S.T. #10)

THE BIG SNATCH – Tower 45-276 thumbnail
THE BIG SNATCH – Tower 45-276 Back thumbnail
THE BIG SNATCH – Tower 45-276
THE BIG SNATCH – Tower 45-276 Back

For Eve Drum, L.U.S.T. Agent Oh Oh Sex, it’s one climax after another…

This entire book can be read online here
From the back:

Lady From L.U.S.T. #10 finds Eve Drum, world’s hottest secret agent, causing a Southeast Asian crisis of her own.
There’s no stopping Eve once she gets into the Laotian jungle mood. She seems to lose all restraint (did she ever have any?) and throws every inch of her all-woman body into dancing in the Bangkok Temple of the Curious Caresses.
As usual, the more she takes off, the more she turns on.
Eve’s L.U.S.T. mission is to capture the plans for a Commie takeover of Thailand. All in the line of duty, Oh Oh Sex teaches her kooky sex tricks to the other temple dancers, dyes herself brown to pass for native, gets cozy with a Red general and a Buddhist monk, and hunts down a gorgeous rare emerald. It’s a lot for any one spy, but Eve thrives on excitement — and comes back for more.

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Captain Brink of the Space Marines

Amazing-Stories-November-1932 thumbnail
Amazing V07n08 679 thumbnail
Amazing V07n08 708 thumbnail
Amazing V07n08 723 thumbnail
Amazing V07n08 734 thumbnail
Amazing V07n08 679
Amazing V07n08 708
Amazing V07n08 723
Amazing V07n08 734

This story is earliest known use of the term “space marine,” contra Games Workshop and their claim to own the term. There was also a sequel called Space Marines and the Slavers

via my own collection. A complete copy can be downloaded here

The Girl Cage

Popular Library 484 1953 thumbnail
Popular Library 484 1953 back thumbnail
Popular Library 484 1953
Popular Library 484 1953 back

Lonely Women In A Wicked Town

From the back:

Women — Waiting For Men

Martha hated “The Girl Cage” — the house she lived in with four other wives whose husbands were fighting in Korea. She hated the way they escaped that cage. Redheaded Frieda slipped into one stranger’s hotel room after another. Love-hungry Colleen was partial to drunken sailors. Jealous Ellen gave herself to a rich party-boy. And sulky Joan sought relief in other ways. But Martha remained aloof from their touch-and-go affairs — until a hard, cool lieutenant showed her the way to real love.

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The Savage Salome

Signet 4423 1970 thumbnail
4512011051_290bdd9d65_o thumbnail
Signet 4423 1970

Danny Boyd’s out to make beautiful music with a sizzling soprano, but murder waits in the wings

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Sargasso of Lost Starships

Sargasso of Lost Starships, Planet Stories January 1952 thumbnail
Planet Stories January 1952 thumbnail
Planet Stories 1952-01 004 thumbnail
Planet Stories 1952-01 005 thumbnail
Planet Stories 1952-01 038 thumbnail
Planet Stories 1952-01 051 thumbnail
Planet Stories 1952-01 081 thumbnail
Sargasso of Lost Starships, Planet Stories January 1952
Planet Stories January 1952
Planet Stories 1952-01 004
Planet Stories 1952-01 005
Planet Stories 1952-01 038
Planet Stories 1952-01 051
Planet Stories 1952-01 081

From a world beyond the fringe Valduma lured men to a voluptuous half-life…

This Allen Anderson painting marks 10,000 posts at PulpCovers.com. It has taken us about three years to get here, and we are proud to have assembled such a fantastic collection of covers.

To celebrate this milestone, I actually purchased this magazine, so the cover scan above is from my own collection. The painting itself is a bit out of my price range.

painting via Heritage Auctions. This entire issue can be downloaded here


1952, Ballantine Books #10 thumbnail
1952, Ballantine Books #10 Back thumbnail
1952, Ballantine Books #10
1952, Ballantine Books #10 Back

One steel-fisted man against a gang of ruthless killers

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Yanqui’s Woman

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Crest 221 1958 thumbnail
Crest 221 1958

Only an untamed woman could match the violent passion of this reckless stranger

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The Wild Ones (Original Title: Dark Bridwell)

Pyramid G 57 1952 thumbnail
47073316-8405889426_8eb6b7b36a_h[1] thumbnail
Pyramid G 57 1952

A Powerful Novel Of Untamed Emotions

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Big Old Sun

Perma Books #P-179, 1952

She was lush, reckless and proud — any man’s woman and no man’s wife

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Restless Are the Sails

Perma Books P188 1952

Her love was wild, reckless and exotic — hard to refuse and dangerous to accept

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