See Him Die / Dope To Kill

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Manhunt July 1955
Manhunt October 1958

This entire issue can be downloaded here and here

Action! Camera! — Drop Dead!

Hollywood Detective April 1950


Summer Street

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A novel of the doubts and triumphs of emotional awakening


Joy Ride

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Bee-Line Book 194 1967
Bee-Line Book 194 1967 Back

Jane joins the crew of a floating brothel-offering her charms to men of all nations-in a desperate attempt to foil a Red Chinese plot to rule the world!

It looks like someone stole Maguire artwork for this cover. From the back:

A houseboat fitted out as a house of prostitution, staffed by desirable girls of every shape, size and color…
The widow of the deposed dictator of the South American nation of San Posterior…
A pair of Chinese gamblers who know more tricks than how to cheat at fan tan …
The most dangerous weapon the world has ever known, capable of leveling an entire city in seconds…
WHAT COULD IT ALL ADD UP TO? Another dastardly plot by S.T.R.O.K.E., that’s what!
And who has to rush into the breach and save the free world from a Red Chinese takeover? Jane Blond—the secret agent from B.U.S.T., armed only with her electric panties and her incurable yen for men—that’s who!


Nora Was A Nurse

MacFadden Books #34-107, 1962

She Thought Of Herself Only As A Dedicated Nurse Until She Learned She Was Also A Woman


Hot Cargo (1953)

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Lion Book 171 (1953)
Lion Book 171 (1953) Back

They carried 129,000 Tons Of Explosive Oil — And A TNT Woman!

Somehow, this is the third book with this title I have posted.
From the back:

The ship was a seam-split-ting, creaking, leaking, stinking barge.
It would get by.
The captain was a fat, foul-mouthed, drunken bum.
He’d do
The crew was cutthroat, cunning, and crooked.
It did its work.
And the one female passenger was young. lovely, and willing. But she was a lighted torch to the inflamed passions of 19 men… and when she was bored with lusting, she turned her devil’s mind to the biggest thrill of her life—She put a match to the cargo: 129,000 tons of high explosive oil.


Shock Treatment


A beautiful woman… a crippled husband… and infatuated lover — perfect ingredients for murder

Cover art swiped from the 1956 edition of To Keep or Kill




Just because the sexy nympho asked Hank to locate her uncle, he decided to become her sugar daddy…