I Live To Love


The Story Of A Million Dollar Bed Baby
“You can send the French girl away,” she said to the old man. “I can do everything she does — and do it better…”


The Mermaid of Maracot Deep

Fantastic Adventures March 1949 thumbnail
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Fantastic Adventures March 1949
FA49-03 0008-09
FA49-03 0040-41
FA49-03 0052-53
FA49-03 0100
FA49-03 0106-107
FA49-03 0118-119

The Astonishing Story Of A Submarine That Went Too Deep!
Beneath the ocean floor lay a great secret — guarded by the giant mer-race…

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Exiles of the Three Red Moons

Planet Stories, Summer 1940

Also, Space-Liner X-87


You Meet Such Nice Murderers

May 1938 Double Detective

Also featuring The Chained Dog, Crazy and Dangerous, A Killing in Perfume, and Death’s Labor Lost


Hot Gold

Detective Fiction Weekly - November 6, 1937

After consulting with David Saunders and Jim Watson, I am tentatively tagging this as V.E. Pyles

This entire issue can be downloaded here

The Gallows Gal Of Gunfire Rim

Lariat November 1943

Novel Of Wildcat Woman And A Hoot-Owl Man On Señor Satan’s Range

Also featuring Saddle And Ride! I suspect that this is an Anderson cover.