The Great Ego

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Love Doctor (1959)

Stanley Library SL-70 1959

His Man Starved Female Patients Wouldn’t Let Him be True to His Torrid Wife!

From the back:

Their marriage—the young, handsome doctor and the beautiful blonde—got started wrong.
Clyde’s gentle, Dresden-doll approach to Norma was out of character—but he couldn’t help himself… couldn’t help the mental block that rooted in his childhood.
Reacting to her aloofness, he acquired a mistress while on his honeymoon—and went back to his inveterate girl chasing… till
Norma caught him cold, and walked out—going back to her first boy-friend, a live-wire public relations executive who had taught her the passion and violence of love.
This is life—raw, harsh, ruthless—the way people like Clyde and Norma make it for themselves! A NOVEL THAT DISSECTS THE SHAM OF ATOMIC-AGE LOVE!

A 1961 edition is here


The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: Sixth Series

The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction, Sixth Series 1957