The Wife Spoilers

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BEACON 489 1962 thumbnail
BEACON 489 1962

They worked together by day and played with each other’s wives by night. No one suspected — until a new man joined the company and upset the precarious balance!

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The Thrill Seekers

Brandon House 934 1965

They were an exclusive club with a membership limited to couples willing and eager to find new thrills by sampling the beds of of other members — regardless of sex


Three Way Swap

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Brandon House 734 1965

They Changed Mates For New Thrills — Until They Almost Lost The Real Meaning Of Sexual Love

Cover art was later reused for Debbie’s Erotic Dreams


The Three Way Set

Brandon House 951 1965

They Traded Mates In Their Frantic Search For Unusual Ways To Satisfy Their Desires


Share My Wife

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Brandon House 962 1966

She was willing to try anything to hold on to her husband, including lesbian love!

Cover was later reused for Soft and Savage

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A Man Called Sex / The Virgin Swappers

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Brandon House 930 1965
Casino 122 1977

He Had An Appeal To Frustrated Wives And Passionate Girls Because He Was — A Man Called Sex

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The Club / The Wife Next Door

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Beacon Softcover Library B1008X 1967 thumbnail
Beacon Softcover Library B1008X 1967

Four restless husbands, four willing wives… and sixteen scandalous reasons why Polly’s Club was the most exclusive in all suburbia!

Also published with a cover by Darcy

Her name was Emily and she loved love
In the window-to-window proximity of suburbia, the most explosive emotions soon found outlets

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Take A Swipe At Swap

Adult Books AB458 - Take A Swipe At Swap (1968)

Tish was the hottest wife on the mate-trading market


The Swingers

Beacon Softcover Library #B864X, 1965

“Traveling around” was accepted practice for married couples!
Scathing and scalpel sharp… The story of a swinging suburb where mates get mixed along with the martinis

From the back:

Welcome to the swinging, swapping suburban set — where couples are rated and partners switched with pushbutton ease! 
Rick and Nina found the neighborhood ” mating game” gave an exciting new fillip to their own waning marriage. They found new thrills in toting up their score cards, threw themselves with headlong abandon into a vortex of sensation-seeking as they competed with each other for “high-score.”
Nina made the rounds of husbands and Rick completed the circuit of wives. But at last one fatal step too far down the perverse path brought them face to face with a shocking realization about themselves — and about their friend, attractive Gerry Dennison,. Gerry’s forbidden longings, it was clear, rendered her completely vulnerable to the warped ways of — The Swingers


Pleasure House

Brandon House 708 1964 thumbnail
1964 Brandon House 708 thumbnail
Brandon House 708 1964
1964 Brandon House 708

Meet the Barracuda Club, a clan of bored rich married couples who play sexual musical chairs

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Girl Trap

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It was a cross-country sex binge, he with other women, his pretty wife with other men…

From the back:

Hit-and-Run Sex Spree
Pretty little Jean stayed faithful while her husband sneaked into the skirts of women all over the place. He was regularly being slicked, sluiced and sweetened by love-hungry lovelies he picked up on the road …
This shocker of a book gives you all the juicy details. It also tells of Molly, who got her jollies by seducing husbands, then making them tell what they did to their wives in bed. It was Molly who tipped off Jean, finally, to her husband’s harem. Jean was young and full of hot hormones. All she needed was the excuse — of her husband’s frippery to zoom off on a jet-propelled sex ride of her own. Why, she never knew she could be so perverted — or that she would enjoy it so!
A Novel That Astonishes With Its Frank Treatment Of Free-Wheeling Love!