Free-Loving Wives

Beacon B803X 1965

There Was A New Twist To Suburbia’s Mating Game
The new weekend kick — every man seeking a strange woman and every woman a different mate!


The Husband Trader

Beacon Softcover Library B877X 1965

She Planned To Strike It Rich By Sharing Her Husband With The Right Women — And Then The Sentimental Slob Fell In Love!

Presumably unrelated to The Wife Traders

From the back:


Sex, land deals, stocks and bonds—they were all the same to Lori: commodities to find a buyer for. She’d sell herself, sell her husband, sell her friends—and sell out her enemies.
ELLEN had money— lots of it. And a voluptuous body that craved men — lots of them. So Lori obligingly invested her husband in a little sexual speculation.
BESS had bounced from bed to bed, each more expensive than the last, until now she shared her satin skin and silk sheets only with the big money.
Then Lori sold her husband down the three-way street with another woman once too often —and the sentimental slob fell in love!

In one blazing weekend of greed and unrestrained lust, the masks are ripped away from the people who would do anything—or anyone—for a dollar, and even the biggest operators find they’ve been sold.


Swap Around The Clock

Adult Book AB1518 1970

It Was Half-Past The Honeymoon. Orgy Time!

From the back:

It took Lori a while to get over her scruples, but when she discovered what other husbands than her own had to offer, she came to hope that the swap game could do half as much to broaden her husband’s sexual outlook as it had for hers. The other wives found Ted a bit disappointing too . . . and decided that they preferred sharing Lori for lust!


Suburban Wife (1958)

B-164 Universal Publishing 1958 thumbnail
Universal Publishing B-164 1958 thumbnail
B-164 Universal Publishing 1958
Universal Publishing B-164 1958

A Searing Story Of A Lonely Wife On The Prowl — Told Frankly And Unblushingly!

From the back:

They Were Married — But Not To Each Other
The Fords, the Saxons and the Ramseys were neighbors—just good friends. But young Beth Ford was lonely and neglected… Pretty Grace Saxon was sick of a husband who wouldn’t give her what she needed… Millicent Ramsey, buxom and blue-eyed, had been waiting—and wanting—for seven frustrating ears… Inevitably, each saw the other’s man as more attractive than her own. So pretty soon the Fords, the Saxons and the Ramseys became more—a lot more—than just good friends. Then came the final shuffle that had them sharing practically everything!
A Story Of Life Behind — The Bushes Of Suburbia 


Switch Partners

Midwood F344 1963

It started as a party game, a one-time-only experiment… but it became a habit none of them could break>


The Anatomy Of A Neighbor

Companion Books CB699 - The Anatomy Of A Neighbor (1971)

Even The Dog Joined Their Swap Group To Study

From the back:

It was the eternal suburban cycle. . . the men wanted to make more money and the women. . . well, they just wanted to be made. The problem was: what to do with oneself while hubby’s absent. One can be taken care of alone, of course, and one girl even found out why Rover is man’s best friend, but when they finally got their philandering organized, it was “All’s Well That Ball. Well!”


Suburban Affair (1962)

Beacon B512F 1962

The Favorite Game In Commuterville Was Called — Change Your Partner!
The Well-Kept Lawns And The Fieldstone Homes Concealed Affairs That Turned Country Gardens Into Hot-Houses Of Lust!

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