What Is Your Sexual Age?

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Also featuring Skid Row: The Street Where Anything Goes, Is Virginity Out Of Date?, and The Murder Of King Abdullah

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The War Lord Of Darkness

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Adventure July 1934

This entire issue can be downloaded here 


I Was Cursed By A Pagan Idol

Adventure August 1966

Where To Find Mexico’s Billion-Peso Treasure! That’s like, what? Two grand?


The Yank Who Became an Island God: Sailor Morrelle and His Hundred Brides

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Adventure December 1961

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Blonde On The Loose


Also featuring Bikini Busters of Hawaii, Prettiest Lass In Paris, New Commie Sex Drug, and Sex Habits Of Secretaries


A. Conan Doyle’s Tiger Shark Hunt

ADVENTURE October 1961 138-1

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Lured By The Mistress Of The Cobra Treasure

Adventure December 1966

Also featuring Six Strike-It-Rich Islands, Travel Guide For Men Only, Cure For Lonesome Males, and Let’s Have Farmer Girls


I Found a Jungle Temptress

Adventure Magazine December 1965 thumbnail
Adventure December 1965 thumbnail
Adventure Magazine December 1965
Adventure December 1965

Also, Where to Go Bikini Watching in Spain, Fidel Castro’s Sex Secret, and India’s Ancient Love Manual: Translated Into Plain English

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