Sin Girls

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Nightstand Books NB1514 - Sin Girls (1960)
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A Shocking Novel Of Lesbian Love
Tormented Passions Of Women For Women

From the back:

They Made Love…
beautiful Leslie, her body lush and full as a woman’s should be… and Laura whose hips ware mannish, whose bosom was small… and they found the release of their untamed passions. But Laura was only the first for Leslie. Then came flame-haired Ronnie, who demanded more than Leslie could give. Then Eileen, Doris, Roberta, Annette, and others. And soon, Leslie was trapped by her own animal desires in a half-world of erotic cravings that made her a stranger to all the normal pleasures a woman seeks. This is the most powerful novel you will ever read on the subject, written by a woman who is, herself
A Tormented Lesbian!

Actually, this book was written by respected science fiction author Robert Silverberg.


More Women Who Seduce Girls


… of women who completely dominate and take the trust of innocent girls and twist it to satisfy their oralistic lusts.

From the back:

Why must the naiveté and trust of lovely young girls be so cruelly exploited by jaded, sex-starved women with mad, per-verted lusts? Why must certain women destroy the young and weak to achieve sexual fulfillment?
Dr. Guenter Klow answers these and other questions as he continues his examination of the cunning, sex-crazed women and the unwilling innocents who are forced to perform the most degrading of Lesbianic tasks. Clever seduction —Perverted fulfillment


Lesbian Hell

Playtime 654-S 1963

The twilight world of lesbians — furtive lovers ensnared in a web of lust, degradation and debauchery


Sisterhood Of The Flesh

Domino 72-922, 1965

Melanie sought refuge in a world where color lines were as unreal as the rules and taboos of “normal” sex


My Sister, My Love

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Monarch 352, 1963

They Took Their Love Where They Could Find It — In Each Other’s Arms

Miriam Gardner is a pseudonym for Marion Zimmer Bradley

From the back:

It all began with a game, an innocent game. Two young girls — sisters — pretending to be Prince and Princess, clinging to each other for comfort and affection in the face of their lonely lives.
They shared a world cut off from all outsiders—until the night a trusted, older man took Missy by force, stirring her desires and causing her to revile men. It was natural for Missy to run to Holly for comfort.
It was natural for Holly to comfort her in the only way she knew…
Only this time it wasn’t a game. This time it turned into a passion they couldn’t control… a passion stronger than the ties of their blood and which could only lead them to emotional chaos and personal disaster.


I Am A Lesbian

Monarch MB529, 1962

Her Kind Of Love Was Different – But Was It Wrong?

Lee Chapman was a pseudonym of Marion Zimmer Bradley. Unrelated to this book of the same name, which is by Lora Sela, a pseudonym of Carol Hales


Twilight House

Newstand Library 520 1960

How shameful the secrets it sheltered — this house of evil — this stable of sex


Strange Sisters


One Sister Was Normal, The Other Was Not—
They were both indescribably lovely – yet one wanted a man’s love… while the other craved a woman.
The Savage Novel Of A Lesbian On The Loose!


Private School

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Beacon Signal Sixty B755X 1964
Beacon Signal Sixty B755X 1964 back

The Girls Taught Each Other About Love!
Every Parent Should Read This Shocking Novel Of Adolescent Girls Who First Tolerated Vice — Then Embraced It — Then Could Not Live Without It…!

Cover stolen from Young Widow. The 1959 edition is here

From the back:

Maidens In Distress!
The Briars had a fine reputation as a school for adolescent girls. Yet the goings-on behind its ivy-covered walls were scandalous enough to shock the most hardened adult! For it was not just a matter of secret trysts with men. Here the young ladies were subjected to far worse iniquities. Certain members of the faculty were teaching the special subject of “love” to the more attractive girls, inducting them into warped and twisted practices….
Blonde Rhoda Sterling, for instance, and that Southern student, Emmylou Berry — both were educated in perversity by the handsome gym mistress. Fetching Elise Longstreet, who arrived at school with a healthy — too healthy — need for boys, was forced to endure the cruel indignities of Miss de Sousa, of the English Department. Obviously, only experiences with virile men could rescue such girls from their own warned passions. But would the world understand if measures drastic were attempted? After all, the pretty darlings were so young, so tender, so very tempting…
Behind The Venerable Façade Of Many A Private School Lurks Unutterable Vice And Wickedness. This Novel Affords A Glimpse Of Conditions Which Cry For Correction!


Three Strange Women

Beacon Signal Sixty B736X 1964

They knew what they wanted… each other!
The story of Susan, Norma and Gail… three small-time models, constantly exposed to each other’s bodies. Inevitably they fell into depraved practices — but could they fight their way back to normal love?

Oddly, the earlier 1960 edition of this book also shows only two women.

From the back:

Maybe you’ve met a girl like Norma—body made for love, lips designed for kisses, flesh fashioned for the touch of caressing hands… a vision of lovely womanhood, promising and teasing and disturbing….
Maybe you’ve run into someone like Susan—dainty, soft, yet a tempest of passion—a girl wanting only your love, the joy of ecstasy with marriage or without it… a girl lusting to be your slave, bear your children….
Maybe you’ve even known a woman like Gail—and paid for the privilege. In the girlie magazines, in the ads and catalogs, you’ve seen her matchless form… given cash enough, maybe you tasted her exquisite kisses, feasted on her voluptuous beauty lying suppliant in your arms….
But you’re pretty bad if you were able to guess Norma’s depravity—understand Susan’s evil —read Gail’s warped mind. For Gail herself would pay for your lips to burn on hers, pay for your body… if you were a girl! Preferably a girl like Norma. Or maybe Susan.


Run, Lez, Run


From the back:

It did not seem to make any difference how far or how hard Margo ran. . . Her problem could, and did, follow her no matter how many towns or how many men she tried to put between herself and her guilt. She found Havana was no different. As she tried on one of the exotic Carmen’s costumes she felt the other dancer’s hungry glance on her near-nude body. She recognized the need in the other woman’s eyes and all to well knew what her response would be. . . As the other woman slowly crossed the room toward Margo she could feel the blood pounding in her ears, the surge of passion flowing over her entire body and a small moan of despair and desire trembled on her lips . . .