Corpse Cavalry of the Yellow Vulture

OPERATOR #5. September-October 1939

With his ragged little army of patriots, Operator #5 marches out to battle — to draw off the Japanese from their siege of the eastern states and end the terrible Asiatic plague which had cloaked America in midnight darkness!


War Tanks of the Yellow Vulture

OPERATOR #5. July-August 1939

With all of the central states in the hands of the yellow invaders, Operator 5 leads a relief caravan of guns and men through enemy territory towards beleaguered, war-torn California!


Revolt Of The Devil Men

OPERATOR #5. May-June 1938 thumbnail
Operator #5 May 1938 thumbnail
OPERATOR #5. May-June 1938
Operator #5 May 1938

Across exhausted America, Operator #5 and his caravan of mercy trekked, fighting step by step to rebuild a ravaged, desolate land into a new, strong nation battling a newly risen dictator’s vicious attack on the People left prostrate by the Purple Wars!

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Revolt of the Lost Legions

OPERATOR #5. May-June 1937 thumbnail
Operator #5 May 1937 thumbnail
OPERATOR #5. May-June 1937
Operator #5 May 1937

Operator #5 rallies his ragged desert-hidden legions for a desperate surprise sortie against the victorious Purple Empire forces — a prearranged, suicidal signal to the waiting Minute Men of a land already conquered!

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Raiders Of The Red Death (Operator #5)

Operator #5 December 1935

Not related to the G-8 And His Battle Aces story of the same name