Revolt Of The Circus Freaks

Horror Stories October-November 1938

Also, Priestess Of The Plague


The City Of Lust Of Red China’s Butcher General


Also featuring Million $$ Orgy Of The Texas Cattle Queens!, A Touch Of Venus, Aphrodisiac Scandal of the Sex-Mad Interns and the 63 Passionate Student Nurses, and Inside Madame Diamant’s Diamond-Studded Brothel


Temptress of the Tower of Torture and Sin


By Robert E Howard! This entire issue can be downloaded here


How Nazis Debauch Paris Womanhood

February 21, 1942 Detective Fiction


A Scream For A Whip-Mad Woman

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Real Action, June 1963 thumbnail
Real Action, June 1963 (2) thumbnail
Real Action, June 1963 (3) thumbnail
Real Action, June 1963
Real Action, June 1963 (2)
Real Action, June 1963 (3)

Also, Medical Statistics Prove That Sex Can Prevent Cancer and The Village of Headless Virgins

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Malibu: Vice Capital Of The West

Big Adventure June 1961


The People Who Worship Pain

Man's Adventure March 1963

Also featuring The Happiest Harem In America, Snarling Teeth Of Slaughter, and SEX — 24 Hours A Day


Soft Flesh for the Dungeon of the Damned

MEN TODAY August 1965 5-4 thumbnail
Men Today August 1965 thumbnail
MEN TODAY August 1965 5-4
Men Today August 1965

Also featuring Sex-Starved Women Who Pay $$$ For Their Kicks, The Tragedy Of Our Teen-Age Nymphos, and I Was A Slave Of The Stag Movie Syndicate

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King Of The Communist Killers

MANS ADVENTURE November 1965

From His Headquarters In East Germany, He Directs An Army Of Hired Thugs…

Also featuring Why Women Turn To Sex!, Lust For The Goddess Of Gold, House Of The Dead, and My Wife Sells Vice!

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Secrets Of The East Berlin Torture Palace

Men Today February 1962

Also featuring Nude Virgins For The Chamber Of Evil, The Scandal Of Draft Deferment, I Book Passion Parties, Trapped In A Caribbean Cave Of Lust, and Schmiesser Slugs Are Tearing My Guts


How They Get Their Kicks Out Of Pain

All Man March 1966

Also featuring Take a Chance on Sex!, I Found the $46,000,000 Treasure of the Jungles of Panama, and A Knife For A Naked Spy (Twenty Nude Women Ready For Him If He’d Turn Traitor)