Lovin’ Is Her Business!

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Titter June 1952

We have a new contender for “least threatening Animal Attack cover ever


I Fell Into The Lost Cavern

Men October 1955

Also featuring Wildest Sin City Of The Midwest


Monkey Madness

Male Magazine August 1953

An Incredible Epic Of Terror At Sea

Also, What To Tell Your Wife About Sex. Presumably, “Yes, please!”


I Battled Killer Sharks For 22 Hours Of Terror

Valor No.1 June 1957

Also featuring French Strippers In New Tease-Quiz!, Baseball’s Dilemma, Is Your Sex Life Legal? and Hitler — Mistress Killer!

Anyone recognize that signature?


The Werewolf of Ponkert

Weird Tales - July 1925

Also contains Spear and Fang, the first published work by Robert E. Howard.


Claw Bait For The Slinking Killer

Man's Life July 1961

Also featuring Country Lodges: Hideouts For City Sinners, Ladies Night In The Morgue, Sordid Girl Shills For The Forbidden White Power, and How Medical Labs Gamble With Your Life


They Hunt For Women — With Dogs!

Real Men May 1959 thumbnail
Real Men Magazine May 1959 thumbnail
Real Men May 1959
Real Men Magazine May 1959

Also, Shipwrecked On Paradise Island and Escape From Shark Island

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I Married A Nymphomaniac: The Sands Of Doom

Man's Adventure November 1957

Also, Kill Me A Bride, Queen Of The Hot Frontier, and The Foods You Eat Are Shortening Your Life


Killing 2000lbs. Of Dynamite

Safari August 1955

Also, I Live With Wolves and Fighting The Killer Fish Is My Hobby