Captain Blood Returns

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Captain Blood Returns McGinnis

Astonishing adventures of the swashbuckling-est swordsman of them all

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Frenzy (Original Title: Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square)

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Paperback Library 65-713, 1971 thumbnail
Frenzy cover Robert McGinnis
Paperback Library 65-713, 1971

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A Corpse For Christmas (Carter Brown)

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Al Wheeler comes down the chimney and finds hot tempers, hot chicks, and one warm corpse… all sizzling like snow in July

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Dark Fury

Dark Fury. Popular Library, 1959

A big, lusty saga of a privateer who took what he wanted — and the magnificent woman who was his greatest prize


Point Blank! (Original Title: The Hunter)


Here’s Parker! A bad man to cross and the last one you want to try to kill…


The Silken Nightmare

The Silken Nightmare, paperback cover, 1963 thumbnail
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The Silken Nightmare, paperback cover, 1963

Her Name Was Midnight. She Was Dangerous, Delicious, Just Like A Dream — The Kind Where You Wake Up Screaming

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Always Leave ‘Em Dying (1969)


Shell Scott Tangles With A Cult Of Evil


The Case of the Cautious Coquette

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Pocket Books #1009, 1954

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Digging The Love Goddess

Berkley Z1905 1970

They Dug For A Statue And Started Digging Every Man In Sight

From the back:

The Love Goddess
Dr. Artemis Now, ardent feminist and femme fatale, had made a vow: sex equalled sexism. And nothing or no one could make her yield…
Except the lure of finding the Venus of Etruria, a long-buried and coveted treasure — even though the only way to finance the expedition was to submit to sex research. It was too much to resist — even for the staunch Artemis.
So it was off to Adora – only to find that the statue was made of the most powerful substance ever known to man… and ever to turn women on!

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