The Count of 9 (2018)


Also published by Pocket Books in 1969

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The Savage Salome

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Signet 4423 1970

Danny Boyd’s out to make beautiful music with a sizzling soprano, but murder waits in the wings

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A Most Contagious Game (1961)


A silent watcher, plunged into the vicious maelstrom of New York’s underworld… until he matched savagery with savagery — and became Kingpin of them all!

Cover reused from The Lion House


Assignment: Stella Marni (1974)


Durable Sam Durell — up to his ears in blondes and murder


Michael Shayne’s Long Chance (1964)

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Michael Shayne's Long Chance

From the back:

She was a full-blown brunette in a bandanna halter that just barely covered the essentials. The non-essentials were very impressive, too. This was just the kind of case Shayne could enjoy. Keeping an eye on a dish like this and getting paid for it. He could have hopped from his balcony to hers, but he politely made a date for later. This wasn’t work, it was pleasure. A short-lived pleasure. For when Shayne finally got to her room that night, he knew he had waited too long. The lady had run out of time, and the date had been canceled—by murder.


The Black Ice Score


Here’s Parker! Teaching a class in advanced jewel theft, with post-graduate work in kidnapping, mayhem, and applied terror…


The Love Lush (Original Title: Bachelors Anonymous)

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His life was a lost weekend — of women

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Inside Tips On Macao’s Girls And Pleasure Palaces

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Blue Book October 1964

This looks a lot like a McGinnis cover *EDIT It is a McGinnis! See comments

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The Moon Through A Dusty Window


Boldly they pursued each passionate hour… daringly they played an uninhibited game of love

Cover reused from He and She