The Exciting True Adventure of A Ferocious Giant Panda

Heroic Comics #35 March 1946

Reader submission from Steven Struhl

Illustrated Tales Of The Supernatural

Creepy #18 1968

A rather faithful reference to cover of June 1926 Amazing Stories 


Shock Illustrated #3

Shock Illustrated #3 May 1956 thumbnail
Shock Illustrated #3 1956 thumbnail
Shock Illustrated #3 May 1956
Shock Illustrated #3 1956

This is the last issue of Shock Illustrated, and the final non-Mad EC publication. It never even made it to the newsstands. Rather, a few copies (Overstreet says 100) were bound by hand and distributed at the EC office.


The Man-Eating Lizards

Out of This World #1 (Avon, 1950)

Also, Lunar Station! and Crom the Barbarian


Firehair, Frontier Queen, Tiger Man, Werewolf Hunter

Rangers Comics #36 1947 thumbnail
Rangers 036 thumbnail
Rangers Comics #36 1947
Rangers 036

This entire issue can be downloaded here