Revolt of the Jungle Monsters

Terrors of the Jungle #6 1953

From Out Of The Abyssal Depths Of A Remote Cavern, Within The Impregnable Fastness Of The Jungle, Comes A Threat Of Death And Destruction. Between The Forces Of Evil, And The Outside World, Stands Bantor, Monarch Of The Jungle, Trading Blow For Blow With Man’s Predatory Enemy As He Faces The — Revolt of the Jungle Monsters

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Morass of Death

Terrors of the Jungle #4 (1953)

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Cannibal Caravans

Jungle Comics #99 March 1948

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The Exciting True Adventure of A Ferocious Giant Panda

Heroic Comics #35 March 1946

Reader submission from Steven Struhl

Illustrated Tales Of The Supernatural

Creepy #18 1968

A rather faithful reference to cover of June 1926 Amazing Stories 


Shock Illustrated #3

Shock Illustrated #3 May 1956 thumbnail
Shock Illustrated #3 1956 thumbnail
Shock Illustrated #3 May 1956
Shock Illustrated #3 1956

This is the last issue of Shock Illustrated, and the final non-Mad EC publication. It never even made it to the newsstands. Rather, a few copies (Overstreet says 100) were bound by hand and distributed at the EC office.


The Man-Eating Lizards

Out of This World #1 (Avon, 1950)

Also, Lunar Station! and Crom the Barbarian