Falcons of Narabedla (1972)

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Ace 22576 1972 thumbnail
Mitchell Hooks Falcons of Narabedla
Ace 22576 1972

They came in scores, darkening the sky, an army of death

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The Weekend Group

Beacon Books The Weekend Group S95153 thumbnail
Beacon Books S95153 thumbnail
Beacon Books The Weekend Group S95153
Beacon Books S95153

They switched and swapped till they were dizzy with thrills! New partners all the time—such marvelous sexy fun. Or was it?

This artwork was originally used for Dial “M” For Man before being altered.

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Assignment: Nazi Occupied Paris

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True Men, November 1965 thumbnail
True Men, November 1965

Orders To: O.S.S. Agent William Harmon: Rescue 14 French Prostitutes Whose Secrets Can Save The Normandy Invasion


Track, Master Of D.E.A.T.H.

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Track, Master of D.E.A.T.H., paperback cover, 1985
Harlequin Books, 1985

He’s out to control the world, but first he has to kill Dan Track!


Tragic Ground (1958)

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Tragic Ground, paperback cover, 1958

From the back:

Nobody’s Hometown
In this pungent Erskine Caldwell novel about a collapsed boom town, penniless Southerners in a squatters’ slum fill their jobless days with casual ribaldry and haphazard lovemaking. The story of a shiftless migrant’s rowdy mixups with pretty social workers, his worries over his wild daughters, and his stubborn loyalty to his squal-id neighborhood, Tragic Ground blends the earthy humor and pathos that have made Cald-well’s books sell over 35,000,000 copies.

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The Shell Scott Sampler

Ron Lesser The Swinging Niece thumbnail
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Guy magazine October 1970 thumbnail
Ron Lesser The Swinging Niece
Guy magazine October 1970

Artwork also used for the cover of Guy magazine, October 1970, The Swinging Niece

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Watch Her Die Screaming, Gringo Dog!

Man's Story September 1965 thumbnail
25669748-Man's_Story,_September_1965._Original_Painting_by_Norm_Eastman._(Oberg_collection)-8x6 thumbnail
Man's Story September 1965

Also includes Suburban Sin and the Teen Age Suicide Epidemic, Exposed — The Tragedy Of America’s Homosexual Army, and Self Test: Have You Mastered The Secret Of Sex Fulfillment?

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