I Live To Love


The Story Of A Million Dollar Bed Baby
“You can send the French girl away,” she said to the old man. “I can do everything she does — and do it better…”



Kozy K100 1960

Kozy K100 is a rare short story anthology by Charles Miron. It looks like the editors at Kozy Books could never decide what to call this book. The spine, back cover and page 5 inside call it SEXTORIES. The front cover, title page and copyright page (page 4) call it BLUEPRINT 6:06 – UNCHAINED – SPIDER IN THE NIGHT. There are seven stories inside, one a novella called “Unchained” in parentheses. Another is “Spiders in the Night” and, most curiously of all, one is “Blueprint 6:09”


Rage On The Bar (1958)


Passion, Intrigue And Conflict Under The Tropic Sun

From the back:

This coiorful novel of the tropics probes one of odays rnost4 explosive issues — racial tension on a sun-drenched Caribbean island .. . where white oppres-sion drives the natives to unspeakable atrocities . . . and the jaded ruling class drowns its guilt in orgiastic parties and pleasures . . .

“Demands comparison with Alec Waugh’s fleshy and popular Island In The SunRage On The Bar is harder… It builds swiftly… The sex is perverse… An exciting and very significant narrative.” New York Times


One For The Money (Original Title: Black Wings Has My Angel)

Berkley Medallion Y658 1962

Virginia would walk through fire to get her hands on the long, cool green.

From the back:

Tim met her one night in a flea-bitten Southern hotel. Virginia—the girl with the golden blonde tresses and violet eyes, the elegant manner and figure to match. He was wearing only a bath-towel at the time—and he didn’t leave the hotel for three days … He didn’t intend to let Virginia in on his fool-proof plan for a big heist, but he couldn’t get her out of his skin, couldn’t leave her behind. They had a lot in common—a need for money and each other.
Together, they worked out every detail of the armored car job, scouted it for months until it was letter-perfect. And it was… almost. Until Tim saw the greedy look in Virginia’s eyes as she touched the cool, crisp bills. Then he shivered a little because he knew that nothing could come between Virginia and a hundred grand—except the grave…


Sin Camp

Nightstand Books NB1701 - Sin Camp (1964)

Where sadism and lust ruled men’s lives!
A G.I. Sucker Town — Hungry Women — And An Army Camp Of Lusty Men!

Not related to the Mountain Sin Camp


The Sex Ladder

Bellem sleaze Sex Ladder thumbnail
Bellem sleaze Sex Ladder back thumbnail
Bellem sleaze Sex Ladder
Bellem sleaze Sex Ladder back

Jane Figured It As The Only Way To The Top. She Forgot It Also Led To The Bottom!
The Naked Truth About Those Fun-And-Games Among The Young Unmarrieds


Sin Preferred

CAMEO BOOKS #307 1951

He knew that she wasn’t right for him — but when he held her closely in his arms, wrong became right…

Later republished as Shanty Boat Girl


Three Naked Souls


Three On A Cruise, Husband, Wife And A Free Loving Friend