His Brother’s Wife

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1964 beacon #B-698X

Whit Calderson thought he had tasted real passion in the arms of other women… but then he discovered forbidden love that seemed to make the earth move!

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The Wife Spoilers

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BEACON 489 1962

They worked together by day and played with each other’s wives by night. No one suspected — until a new man joined the company and upset the precarious balance!

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Spider #2: Hordes of the Red Butcher

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Pocket Books #77944, 1975 thumbnail
Pocket Books #77944, 1975

The original 1935 publication is here

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The Widow (1959)

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She Showed Him The Way… The Wrong Way!
The Savage Story Of A Man Gone Wrong And The Woman Who Led HIm Astray!

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The Untamed Wife Of Louis Scott (1953)

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The Intimate Story Of A Wanton Woman

The 1951 edition is here


Trailer-Camp Girl

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They Called Her A Trailer Tramp!

A Story Of The Carefree Women Who Live — And Love — In Trailer Camps

From the back:

A Girl In A Gilded Cage — On Wheels!
Trailer Tramp, they called Anne Mitchell. Yet she was no more than the innocent victim of explosive desire, the dupe of a diabolical brute who made of her life a hell on wheels — and Anne herself, a hellcat!

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Rock ‘N Roll Gal

Beacon B-379 (1961). Cover  Art by Owen Kampen

Some Gals Will Do Anything For Kicks!
The Sizzling World Of Real Gone Guys — And Dolls On Dope!

From the back:

Her Body Was Blonde — Her Heart Black

Skin as tempting as hers, figured Lindsay Hayes, could get her anything she wanted — and she was right. The boys fell all over themselves to trade favors for her hot, delicious love. Soon she had prostituted herself to the top in the crazy world of rock ‘n roll! But on the way she acquired rivals like pretty Billy Mitchell, with the baby fat still on her. Like redheaded Vivian Blaine, who thrived on desire and dope. Each desperately needed Johnny McCoy, the wild young maestro . . . each fought for him with the secret weapon every girl uses best . . .

It looked like a picnic for Johnny and his harem of hep-kittens. Until Lindsay, drunk on rock ‘n roll, schemed to break his heart — and his golden horn!

A Flaming Novel Of Genius At Bay And Reckless Youth Corroded By Temptation…!


Shanty Road


The Life and Loves of a Reckless Mountain Girl

From the back:


Mountain women and mountain men live that way, and that’s the way they want to live. There’s no use trying to make them talk more, because they don’t see the use of it. And there’s no use trying to make them drink less, because mountain dew isn’t made for light drinking. By the same token, you can’t slow down a mountain man’s willingness to fight . . . or speed up a mountain woman’s surrender to love . . . But in either case, a hill man’s anger and a hill woman’s passion, once on the move, can no more be stopped than a landslide . . .

Amy was a mountain girl, and her loveliness stirred both passion and anger among the hill country people. But, like them, Amy was no girl to be told what to do, no wanton to give her love to the first lowlands slicker that came along. To win her, young Dr. Will had to battle as he had never battled before, against her people, against her own hellcat pride, and against the mountain men who were his rivals — but he knew from the moment he first kissed her that it would be worth it.


The Sea Is A Woman (Original Title: Time Moving West)


Shore-leave passions… their only escape from the whims of a cruel mistress


Motel Hostess


In Her Search For Glitter She Found A Tarnished Life

Not the same as a Motel Mistress, apparently.


Sins Of An Aspiring Actress (Original Title: Spotlight On Sin)


The revealing story of a woman without morals