On You It Looks Good

MacFadden 60-186 1964 thumbnail
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MacFadden 60-186 1964
MacFadden 60-186 1964 Back

Turn a sheltered girl loose to face LIFE and a JOB in a glamorous departments store, and the result is a wildly funny, unforgettable book

From the back:

She was 22 years old. She was 5’6″ and weighed 124—when she took off her charm bracelet. And she looked like Ava Gardner. She had everything going for her. Tall men, short men, fat men, thin men…. But she wasn’t married. And her grandmother, who was the nervous type, had been at her life’s work—Finding a Husband for Phyllis—since Phyllis was 8. At 22, Phyllis had one goal; a career—far away from Grandmother.
A job interview in the most chic department store in town, closely followed by Sales Slip Drill; the staff psychologist who kept his patients—and his couch—in the dark; the Wealthy Wolf (disguised as the store owners’ son); the apartment furnished with one roommate and the roommate’s weekend lover; and …
But what happened to Phyllis Mandelbaum is too hilarious to give away. Do it the fun way. Buy the book and see for yourself!


Plan For Conquest

Vega Book Science Fiction Library, No. 5. (1963). Cover Art by Fox

Time ran out swiftly and mankind was threatened by its ingenuity


Falcons of Narabedla (1972)

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Mitchell Hooks Falcons of Narabedla
Ace 22576 1972

They came in scores, darkening the sky, an army of death

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Norma: Born for Trouble

Midwood 32-628 1966

She had always thought love was a thing of beauty — then one night she discovered it could be a horror


The Sheer Affair

Chariot Books 222 1962

Lusty — Shocking — Sizzling
Marilyn was naked. She was young, long stemmed and voluptuous. Marilyn also had a strange taste for the 3rd sex!


Sin King

Midnight Reader MR 424, 1962

They said Casanova Was His Ancestor — So Lust-Hungry Women Made Him Prove It!

From the back:

Passion Time…
was any time under the Mediterranean sun for a young American expatriate. And Al was just the guy lo lie back on the sand and enjoy to the hilt any love that washed his way along the beach. And there was plenty of it with Erika, the uninhibited blond Swedish girl, and Nancy, the corn-fed Kansas tourist who was out for a ball and Al filled the bill. There were others, a harem of bikini-clad dolls with eager eyes and aching arms, and life was never better. But that was just the beginning, for when word got around that Al was a descendant of the great lover, Casanova, the ball became an orgy that led all the way up to the shocking parties of the Countess of Delphi, parties where Al had to prove he was an…
Insatiable Lover


The Seduction Game

Midwood 33-882 1967

Excited by the same man, mother and daughter played a dangerous game — and only one could survive.