The Wrath and the Wind


The Wicked Woman On The Florida Coast
The lusty romance of a blackbirding adventurer and the white slave he bought at auction


Warped Women

Uni Books Digest #9 1951

Helpless Wretches — stripped by strange emotions of all restraint and decency — would they ever again know real love?


Without Consent

Uni Books Digest #10 1951

He found her young — wild — ravishing — a creature meant for love — but marked taboo


Tent-Show Bride

Intimate Novels Digest #30 1953

Her soul was bared — her body shamed — her beauty exhibited before greedy eyes!
The Carnival Stripper’s Reward Was — Degradation!

From the back:

When a marijuana scandal makes life intolerable for young Gay Leslie in her home town, she runs off with a carnival show as ballyhoo girl. Soon, in her innocence, she succumbs to the sweet talk and gorgeous body of Apollo, the strong-man with the show. The the glamor of carnival life quickly disappears, to be replaced by sordidness and cruelty. For Apollo turns out to be a mighty lover–but also a jealous, calculating madman! He makes Gay perform as the carnival stripper, each day forcing her to sink lower into degradation. Gay cannot resist this cruel, queer love–nor his reckless exploitation of her beauty. The giant is too strong, too dangerous! But she does find a haven in the arms of another man–who struggles with Apollo to break the fetters which enslave her…


Cellar Club Girl

Croydon Original Novel Digest #40 1953

A Story Of Neglected Youth Driven to Cellar Clubs and Dope

Later retitled Tenement Girl


The Divorcees


Three mixed-up, sex-starved women on the loose in Reno

From the back:

They came to Reno in shame in hope—in fear . . .
KATE —married to a famous politician, she knew the vile reality behind his public mask . . . and dared not tell the real reason she wanted a divorce!
BILLIE JEAN—tramp and tart, wife of a mobster . she had a whole life to shed along with her husband.
DIANE—her marriage turned her against men . . . but there were women ready to comfort her!
Against the glittering, savage background of “Divorce City, U S.A.,” with its gambling joints, hustlers, and legion of available women, these three play out their tense drama, culminating in a shattering climax of violence. Written with candor and tension, THE DIVORCEES is a vivid picture of today’s women—and their men.


The Hangman’s Tree

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Bantam 853 1951

Moonlight… Magnolias… a Family Skeleton that meant Death!

This entire book can be read here



Midwood Y155 1962

A Beautiful Woman… A Betrayed Trust!
Raped! Then Sold Into Prostitution!


Into The Fire

Midwood 32-435 1965

Paroled from a girl’s reformatory into the custody of a wealthy, jaded woman, Laurie suddenly realized she’d merely jumped out of the frying pan —

From the back:

LAURIE . . . exploited and degraded by her youthful encounters with coarse hoodlums, she was ripe and ready for the kind of love she found rampant in the home for wayward girls.
HESTER . . . the burly prison matron who picked the newest and prettiest inmates for her special pets and saw to it that they never forgot their stay at the reformatory.
BLANCHE . . . the wealthy socialite who made a practice of arranging the parole of desirable prison-girls under her custody and who employed them as her ultra-personal maids.
NAOMI . . . spoiled and sensual, she found herself a rival with her step-mother for the attentions of a young girl who’d introduced her to a brand of passion she couldn’t do without.


Lust Camera

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Lust Camera thumbnail
Lust Camera

Her Secret Sins Were Bared Before His — Lust Camera

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