First Find The Body

Ten Detective Aces March 1942

Also featuring Nightmare Island. This entire issue can be downloaded here

The Girl in the Golden Garter Belt

Jade Book 210 1963

She was many things to many men, but when she met Allen Cain he changed her… and when bullets from a killer’s silenced automatic cut into his sex life he changed himself from author to ruthless investigator!


Abigail’s Last Orgy

Pleasure Reader PR158 - 1968 - Abigail's Last Orgy

Her Final Lust-Fling Was A Real Gasser!

From the back:

Missing bodies and dark hallways took Pat Prichard into a walking nightmare of sex and murder. Then suddenly the dream was interrupted by a cloud of deadly chlorine gas…


Polly Wants A Killer

Dime Detective Magazine January 1951

Galactic Central has this tagged as Norman Saunders, but it looks much more like DeSoto to me.


No Grave Has My Love

Dime Detective Magazine December 1948 thumbnail
15070516882_10dcb559fa_o thumbnail
Black Mask (UK) v007 n09 [1950-08]04 thumbnail
Dime Detective Magazine December 1948
Black Mask (UK) v007 n09 [1950-08]04

Also, Mr. Maddox’ Phony Finish. This entire issue of Black Mask can be downloaded here