Baby Goes Bye-Bye

Crack Detective Stories September 1946

As opposed to Bye Bye, Baby!


Homicide, Hot Off The Griddle

Detective Tales October 1943

Also, I’ve Seen That Corpse Before!


Murder’s Agent

The Phantom Detective Summer 1953

The final issue, although The Merry Widow Murders was announced for the unpublished Fall 1953 issue


Murder Money

Phantom Detective January 1951

I’m not sure if this story is related to the earlier The Phantom’s Murder Money, which was later republished in paperback with a Bonfils cover of a bald woman.


Model For Murder

Phantom Detective April 1945

Model For Murder was a very popular title


Murder Of A Marionette

Phantom Detective 1944

Unrelated to The Case Of The Murdered Marionette