Hawks of the Outremer

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This entire issue, which includes the Cormac FitzGeoffrey story Hawks Of Outremer by Robert E. Howard, can be downloaded here


Nine Worlds West

Fantastic Adventures April 1951

Thrilling Adventures In A World Of Flame


The Hypnotist

PEC Book N 143 (1966)

From the back:

John Meridith Swift was only 14 years old and he was quite impressed by the hypnotist he’d seen. It wasn’t surprising that he tried to imitate the man, but, as he discovered with young Nancy next door, he had to give his voice time to mature a little.
He never lost his fascination for the art, however, and much later . . . in his last year at college, he had the opportunity for an interesting experiment. One which caused a young virgin to turn up pregnant; almost costing her life and sanity . . . and John’s as well .. .


Liza’s Apartment


Everything Men Wanted Was Available In — Liza’s Apartment
A Searing Expose Of The ‘Newly Renovated’ Apartment Racket And The Gorgeous Girls Hired To Keep Tenants Happy


Brood of the Witch Queen

Famous Fantastic Mysteries January 1951

This entire issue can be downloaded here

Linda Lust

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Evening Reader ER748 - Linda Lust (1964)

A Wanton Hunger For Sin And Money

From the back:

… the brothers Evans… Bruce and Cal… shared a common shame… each wanted the other’s wife to share their exclusive degradation. Bruce took matters into his own hands and prevailed upon the shameless vixen, Linda, to seduce Cal away from Myra… the light of Bruce’s life. Linda moves into Cal’s home like a forest fire, flaunting her insatiable desires all around Cal, working him to an exhaustion each day… until Myra discovers the wantons as they begin another session of their endless—

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