The Incredible Raid Of Mason’s Cliff Hanging Nymphs Of Ploesti

Man's Book January 1964

Also featuring The Fantastic Escape Of The Fraulein-Loving Fly Boy, and Beware The Sex Lures Of Alimony Hunting Harlots


The Lust Plot Of The Air Borne Harlots Of Naples

Man's Book May 1964

Also featuring The Shocking Report On The Homosexual’s New World Capital, Shackled Nudes For The Emperor’s Fire Monster, The Sex Operation That All Men Fear, and I Belong To A Suburban Sin Club


My Wild Escape From Hitler’s Twin Nymphs of Torture

Man's Book March 1964

Also featuring I Led Manila’s Fantastic Harlot Espionage Army, The Branded Nudes And The Kiss Of The Lash, Your Sex Habits Can Lead To Sterility, and I Teach Sin To Millionaire’s Sons


Prophet Without Honor

Strange March 1952 thumbnail
Strange #1 March 1952 thumbnail
Strange March 1952
Strange #1 March 1952

Also featuring Mystery Of The Bell Witch, The Artful Forger, Fires Of Love, and The Man Who Swindled Himself


Goddess Of World 21

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Fantastic March 1957
F1957-03 0006-7
F1957-03 0049

Hated By Women — Preyed On By Men

This entire issue can be downloaded here

The Secret Of Marracot Deep

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Fantastic - July 1957
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Hell’s Creatures Come Out Of The Sea

This entire issue can be downloaded here