The Cruel Touch

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Midwood Books F259 1963 thumbnail
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Cruel Touch
Midwood Books F259 1963

She was a savage in satin, waiting to degrade and destroy him.

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Bonfire In Hell For The Nazi’s Passion Slaves

World of Men September 1968

Also featuring Coed Prostitutes: True Story Of Campus “Sex-For-Pay”, Beware The Sex Tricks Of Husband-Hunting Neurotics, Are You A Victim Of Your Own Lust Fantasies? and Polish Beauties Who Loved A Kraut General To Death


The Great Aphrodisiac Myth

Adventure cover, June 1961 thumbnail
Adventure magazine June 1961 thumbnail
Adventure cover, June 1961
Adventure magazine June 1961

Also featuring What Price Chastity?, That BARDOT Girl, Dr. Death And His Hundred Brides, and The Madman And The Blonde


Soft Decoys of Death to Smash the Krauts

MAN'S EPIC September 1966

Amazingly, this is the second cover I have posted with this title. This issue also features Twilight Women — America’s Modern Love Tragedy, Rumble On The Rocks, and The Great Harlot Auction Of The Old West


The G-String Murders (1942)

Detective Book Fall 1942

Detective Book reused this cover a few years later for The Triple Cross