The Dragoman’s Confession

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Oriental Stories Summer 1932
006-OS v02n03 (1932-Sum) 006
036-OS v02n03 (1932-Sum) 036
118-OS v02n03 (1932-Sum) 118

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Cavern of Virgin’s Death

New Mystery Adventures - October 1935

Also, Star Of The Morning


Revolt Of The Circus Freaks

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Horror Stories - October 1938
Horror Stories October-November 1938

Also, Priestess Of The Plague

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A Woman’s Touch

Midwood 32-728 1966

Diana thought she could play the game as well as her husband — even better…

From the back:

She knew there was a time and place for every-thing. She knew that a vacation at a lush island resort was not the time to play faithful wife and dutiful mother. She knew her husband was probably busy with something other than business back at home. And she knew just how to attract the men that were necessary to the plans she made.