The Other World (1949)

Startling Stories November 1949

Also includes The Ultimate Catalyst


Call Your Murder Signals!

Dime Detective 6-1948 thumbnail
Dime Detective June 1948 thumbnail
Dime Detective 6-1948
Dime Detective June 1948

Also, A Frame For The Marquis

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Yellow Peril In Hollywood

Saucy Movie Tales - June 1936 thumbnail
Saucy Movie Tales - June '36 thumbnail
Saucy Movie Tales - June 1936
Saucy Movie Tales - June '36

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Seed Of The Six Gun

5 Western Novels - December 1950

Also featuring The Trail Boss, Guns of Vengeance, Outlaws All, and Hell Fenced Off. I picked the post title purely because I liked it the best.


Satan Trades In Debutantes

Dime Mystery January 1940

Also, Monsters Made For Murder


The Wave Of Death

July 1940 Double Detective

The Green Lama Routs a foreign spy ring that seeks the secret of a new and terrible death-dealing weapon