Naked To My Past (Original Title: Mandrake Root)

Popular Library 619 (Nov., 1954). First Printing. Cover Artist is Uncredited thumbnail
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Popular Library 619 (Nov., 1954). First Printing. Cover Artist is Uncredited

With How Many Men Had She Betrayed Him?

Why anyone would read the Kinsey Report when this is available, passes understanding” — Pasadena Star-News

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Satan’s House Party

Terror Tales March-April 1938

I was torn between the Mad Science and Cult tags for this one. Also includes My Neighbor The Corpse


Scandalous French Doctor (1959)

Bedside Books 1959

The fascinating story of the loves and forbidden desires of a girl-hungry French Doctor in Paris!


Take My Love!

Complete Romance February 1950

Some Girls Marry For Money — Some For Love — Some For…?

The second and final issue.


Romance For Hire

Complete Romance December 1949

She Found Ecstasy In An Overnight Cabin!

The first of only two issues.


Warrior Queen of Atilla’s Lost Legion

Jungle Stories Summer 1947 thumbnail
Jungle Stories Summer 1947 thumbnail
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Jungle Stories Summer 1947
Jungle Stories Summer 1947

Ki-Gor, Jungle Lord, Tracks His Stolen Mate To The Ape-Guarded Stronghold Of Beautiful, Deadly Tarma

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Revolt Of The Circus Freaks

Horror Stories October-November 1938

Also, Priestess Of The Plague


The Faster We Live

Monarch Books #239 - 1962

She gave herself to the right man — at the wrong time

From the back:

There was $200,000 in the bank and they wanted it —these four amateur bandits who were out to use the crowds at the Indianapolis Speedway as their cover –before and after the robbery.
MYLES THORBECK wanted his share of the loot for easy living. His brother, HOWIE, wanted to buy the respect of his nymphomaniac wife, FAYE. FLOYD WARREN needed to be a big shot.
And RYAN KENDALL was just along for the ride — until his intimate emotional involvement with beautiful and eager VICKI TAYLOR precipitated a conflict of interests between them all that threatened to blow sky-high an otherwise perfect crime.


The Unfaithful

Beacon B811X - 1965

When the research laboratory moved to the suburbs, it brought glamorous jobs and sexual freedom to the commuters’ bored wives…
The Long Awaited Novel That Tells Frankly Of The Various Causes Of Adultery!


Blood-Priestess Of Vig N’Ga

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Jungle Stories Winter 1951 thumbnail
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Jungle Stories Winter 1951

Ki-Gor — Jungle Lord — Matches His Strength And Cunning Against A Lost White Tribe’s Enchantress

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Turn On The Heat (Hard Case Crime)


This novel has been published several times before. This particular cover features a cover painting by Laurel Blechman, working from reference photos shot by the legendary pulp illustrator Robert Maguire

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