The Curse of Ximu-tal

Weird Tales - August 1930

Features The Hills of the Dead, Solomon Kane story by Robert E. Howard


The Lady Lived With Poison

Man's Best Magazine 1963

Also, Sex: The Key To Your Health, Quack “Doctors” Can Put You In Your Grave, You Can’t Hide From Death, and Prostitution In The Kremlin


The Reluctant Headhunter

Men Magazine July 1956

Also, Girls On Parole and The Craziest Ambush Of The Korean War. Cover was later reused for Valor in 1958.


Special Features For Red-Blooded Men

Exotic Magazine No.2 1958

The second of only 6 issues


Lured By The Mistress Of The Cobra Treasure

Victor Prezio Adventure December 1966 thumbnail
Adventure December 1966 thumbnail
Victor Prezio Adventure December 1966
Adventure December 1966

Also featuring Six Strike-It-Rich Islands, Travel Guide For Men Only, Cure For Lonesome Males, and Let’s Have Farmer Girls

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Bride For The Half Dead

Ace Mystery - September 1936

Also featuring Princess Of Death’s Desire and skeleton snakes!


Golden Blood

Lancer 72-740 1964

This story was originally published in Weird Tales in 1933

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Maidens For The Snake God

Maidens for the Snake God, Adventure magazine cover, April 1961 thumbnail
Adventure (April, 1961). Cover Art by Vic Prezio thumbnail
Maidens for the Snake God, Adventure magazine cover, April 1961
Adventure (April, 1961). Cover Art by Vic Prezio

Unrelated to the Daughter Of The Snake God

Also includes She’s Young, She’s Lovely, She’s French All Over and One Man, Two Girls, One Ocean

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The Eternal Now

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This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Year They Outlawed Love

Champion For Men Magazine 1959 October

Also, Slave King Of Africa and Bat Women Of Budapest!


I Am A Love Slave Of T.V.’s Casting Directors

Man's Book June, 1968

Also featuring Trapped By The Wild Nympho’s Lust Orgy, Teenage Drunks — Our National Disgrace, A Pit Of Pain For My Pretty, Kraut Flak Is Chewing Us Alive!, and Soft Flesh For Satan’s Bubbling Cauldon