Did Passion Pave The Way For Iowa’s Poison Pair?

Inside Detective July 1942


The Awesome Rebellion

Man's Day February 1961 thumbnail
Man's Day Magazine February 1961 thumbnail
Man's Day February 1961
Man's Day Magazine February 1961

Also Nine Battling Brides On Shipwreck Island and The Three Mortar-Loving Wars Of “Gunny” Diamond

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Gun Salvage For Owlhoot Derelicts

Ace High Western Stories 1940 February

Also,  Death Rides To Devil’s Post 


I Fingered The Vice Lord In The Teen-Age Call Girl Syndicate

True Police Cases August 1959


Gang Lust and the Captive Prison Nurse

Man's True Danger October 1965

Also, I Joined A Zen Torture Cult, Wild Women In New York, and How To Cope With A Seductress


My Struggle Against Sin And Sex In A Women’s Prison

True Police Cases January 1958


I Lived Among Scarlet Sinners In The House Of Lost Women

True Police Yearbook 1957


Dangerous Millions

Detective Fiction Weekly August 10 1936

Halloran and Riordan Risk Everything Battling The Case of the Underwater Mine