The League Of Worried Men

July 16, 1938 Detective Fiction

Death, For A Price, Stalks — The League Of Worried Men


The Swamp Thing

Thrilling Mystery - January 1939 thumbnail
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Thrilling Mystery - January 1939

A Novelette of Weird Heritage

Also featuring City Of Dreadful Night

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The Bloody Diamonds Of The Green Hell Maidens

Man's Action February 1967

A jungle paradise and the lust for treasure drove this tough, on-the-run, Yankee adventurer to face a brutal, savage death from the vicious, blood-thirsty headhunters of the Matto Grosso in his search for — The Bloody Diamonds Of The Green Hell Maidens

Also, Doctor’s Machine Makes Love Better Than Men!


Snake Goddess

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Strange Stories August 1939

I am not sure what it says about this website that I have tags for Heads, Skull, Tentacles, and At Sea, but I sure needed them all for this cover. But oddly, not the Snake tag.

Also includes The Citadel Of Darkness

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