Swords of Waar

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Swords of Waar

I have included Dave Dorman’s original, topless, cover art courtesy of author Nathan Long.

Sequel to Jane Carver of Waar

Jane Carver of Waar

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I have included Dave Dorman’s original, topless, cover art courtesy of author Nathan Long.


The Knife Slipped


Lost for more than 75 years, this was meant to be the second Cool and Lam book but got shelved when Gardner’s publisher objected to (among other things) Bertha Cool’s tendency to “talk tough, swear, smoke cigarettes, and try to gyp people.” The cover is a brand new painting by Robert McGinnis of modern-day pin-up icon Dita von Teese

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Quarry In The Black


This is the final cover Glen Orbik worked on before he died in 2015

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Dealing… Producing… All In A Day’s Work For A Druglord. Or In Hollywood.

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Cut Me In


When his partner stopped a bullet, he came to her for answers. He got more than he bargained for…

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Quarry’s Vote


Now retired and happily married, Quarry turns down a million-dollar contract to assassinate a presidential candidate. It’s not the sort of assignment you can just walk away from without consequences—but coming after Quarry has consequences, too.

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