Cabin Hostess (Original Title: Unfaithful)

Venus Books 196 1952

The shocking story about what goes on behind the motel door





Shock Illustrated #3

Shock Illustrated #3 May 1956 thumbnail
Shock Illustrated #3 1956 thumbnail
Shock Illustrated #3 May 1956
Shock Illustrated #3 1956

This is the last issue of Shock Illustrated, and the final non-Mad EC publication. It never even made it to the newsstands. Rather, a few copies (Overstreet says 100) were bound by hand and distributed at the EC office.


Love Starved Hellcat

Intimate Edition 302 1959

The lustful story of a woman searching for forbidden thrills!


Girl Of The Midway


A story of the strange people, bitter rivalries, love and hate that flame behind a carnival’s bright lights


Suburban Affair

Bedside Books BTB 961 - Suburban Affair (1960)

A suspicious gossip, a love-starved wife and a lust-crazed artist all add up to a passionate story of infidelity and adultery!

I am willing to bet this this Rudy Nappi cover was swiped from an earlier publication of a different book, but I can’t find it.


Backwater Woman


She Used Her Sex To Survive

From the back:

A Lusty Novel By The Author Of Riverboat Girl

The peaceable, easy-livin’ houseboat folk up along the Slough had never seen a creature the likes of that backwater woman named Feline. Soon as she sashayed her saucy prettiness into Spike Rudd’s cabin, she stirred up a torrent of greed, lust and violent jealousies. And all Miss Feline did was to wiggle a bit and display a good deal of her virginal charms. Not meaning any harm, mind you! For Feline was just an eager little gal wanting to reach straight up for a “man on top of the pile,” a man of property. How Feline got her man, and how she got the clan in a riotous uproar, with man against man and woman against woman and all of them against kitten-cunning Feline, makes for a roaringly ribald tale of lusty, earthy American primitives that you won’t soon forget.


The Nude Decoys Of Lubang

Man's World December 1960

A Strange Scheme To Smoke Out World War II’s Die-Hard Japs




She Would Sell Anything If The Price Was Right
The Candid Story Of A Seductive Salesgirl Who Traded On Her Charms — Then Had To Pay Her Pound Of Flesh


Seduction By Appointment


A Shocking Story About The Phony Adultery Racket
Sandi was the bait that men never quite get — until that eventful night in a bathtub-for-two


French Alley

french-alley-by-matthew-clay-publication-house-1956 thumbnail
29790400-5921128587_d4de8a81bb_o[1] thumbnail

The Exciting Story of Three Girls from the French Quarter of New Orleans 

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My Turn To Die?

Panther Books 986 First 1959

As The Net Slowly Tightened He Asked Himself: For What Cause Am I Risking A Horrible Death?

Cover swiped from Cornered (1958)