The Snows Of Summer


Once Her Passions were Aroused Her Resistance Melted as… The Snows Of Summer
The Reckless Awakening Of A Girl Who Had Been Alone Too Long!!!


Tease Of Death

Two-Fisted Detective Stories Nov 1959

Also, Lust Be My Destiny, Slice Her For Marty, and Beasts Never Die!


Backwater Woman

Backwater Woman paperback cover, 1957 thumbnail
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Backwater Woman paperback cover, 1957

She Used Her Sex To Survive

From the back:

A Lusty Novel By The Author Of Riverboat Girl

The peaceable, easy-livin’ houseboat folk up along the Slough had never seen a creature the likes of that backwater woman named Feline. Soon as she sashayed her saucy prettiness into Spike Rudd’s cabin, she stirred up a torrent of greed, lust and violent jealousies. And all Miss Feline did was to wiggle a bit and display a good deal of her virginal charms. Not meaning any harm, mind you! For Feline was just an eager little gal wanting to reach straight up for a “man on top of the pile,” a man of property. How Feline got her man, and how she got the clan in a riotous uproar, with man against man and woman against woman and all of them against kitten-cunning Feline, makes for a roaringly ribald tale of lusty, earthy American primitives that you won’t soon forget.

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Girl of the Slums

Venus Books 121 1951

Sin Street Was Her Beat

Possibly unrelated to this book of the same name


The Young Nurses

Pyramid F-1057 1963

Fear, Lust, Twisted Passions — An Explosive Story Of Life In A Big City Hospital…


Give Me Ecstasy

1951, Exotic Novel #18

They Registered As Brother And Sister….


The Divorcees


Three mixed-up, sex-starved women on the loose in Reno

From the back:

They came to Reno in shame in hope—in fear . . .
KATE —married to a famous politician, she knew the vile reality behind his public mask . . . and dared not tell the real reason she wanted a divorce!
BILLIE JEAN—tramp and tart, wife of a mobster . she had a whole life to shed along with her husband.
DIANE—her marriage turned her against men . . . but there were women ready to comfort her!
Against the glittering, savage background of “Divorce City, U S.A.,” with its gambling joints, hustlers, and legion of available women, these three play out their tense drama, culminating in a shattering climax of violence. Written with candor and tension, THE DIVORCEES is a vivid picture of today’s women—and their men.


A Touch of Depravity

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She Demanded More Than Love, More Than Passion

Half Temptress, half tyrant — Crystal combined savagery, sophistication and strange thirsts.

From the back:

Sex was nice — and very necessary, of course — but it really wasn’t the big kick, not in itself, anyway. It was the conquest that mattered to Crystal, the joyous thrill of forcing a man or woman into abject submission. Yes, that was where the pleasure lay.
Even her own husband.
It would be fun being with Tim again. Tormenting him, goading him, flouting her affairs with women in his face until he seethed with rage — yes, it would be fun to see him loving her one moment and hating her the next. It would be fun to bring her husband to his knees once again.
Where he belonged.
Where the whole damned world belonged…


Cabin Hostess (Original Title: Unfaithful)

Cabin Hostess, paperback cover, 1952 thumbnail
Venus Books, No.196 1957 thumbnail
Venus Books #196 1952 thumbnail
Cabin Hostess, paperback cover, 1952
Venus Books, No.196 1957
Venus Books #196 1952

The shocking story about what goes on behind the motel door

From the back:

This is the revealing story about one woman who was owned body and soul by a ruthless operator. He used her innocence and beauty like commodities—to further his own ends.
She could have freed herself by talking about what went on in the dead of night on the grounds of the Florida motel—but what good would it do her? She was DAMAGED GOODS!
She knew it would take a man made of steel to make a real woman of her again. But what decent man would ever want her—with her past?

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Women’s Doctor

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Venus Books #189 1955 thumbnail
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Venus Books #189 1955

He Was One Man in a World of Lonely Women!

Once again, the look on the guy’s face is the best part of this cover.

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