The 13 Nurses In Lt. Duffy’s Care

For Men Only June 1960

Also, Penal King John Graham And His Outback Women Hideout and East Berlin Spy House Of The Communists’ Blackmail Blonde


Lt. Welty And His Castaway Nurse Convoy

For Men Only April 1962


Sex In White

Saber Tropic 920 1966 thumbnail
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Saber Tropic 920 1966

Day duty is a busy time at Union Hospital, so there wasn’t much time to keep track of the sex life on the torrid fourth floor….

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Susan Latimer, Clinical Nurse

Monarch Books 177 1960

The story of a girl who had to learn the meaning of love


Bedside Manners

Bee-Line Book 205 1967

The virile young doctor just wanted to practice medicine, but the bored suburban housewives wouldn’t let him . . . they wanted him to be their love doctor!

From the back:

When Doctor Len Battle came to town, the first thing that happened to him was that a beautiful woman offered to set him up in business, stake him for the first months it would take to build a practice, and warm his bed too! She even brought him a lot of patients . . . love-starved young wives who were demanding to be treated by him even though they weren’t ill . . . except from lack of sex! But when the young doctor rebelled against the idea of being a kept man for an entire bevy of demanding women, he discovered that the only thing worse than the fury of a woman scorned is the rage of many women scorned!


Playboy Parker’s Joy Girl Commando Raid

Man's Daring Magazine January 1962

Also, High School Girls Are Driving The “Pros” Out Of Business, Nude Tortures Of 1,000 Cuts!, and last but definitely not least Mad Lust Of The Hypnotized Gorilla


The Drink That Drives You Love Crazy

Man's Adventure Magazine September 1961

A single sip will lead to writhing passion

Also, The Jail-Bait Nymphos Of Paris, Nightmare On Yucca Flat, One-Armed Killer Of The Skies, and One Million Dollars In Gold Can Be Yours: All You’ve Got To Do . . . . . . Is Take It


Tramp Nurse

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Chariot Books CB204 1962 thumbnail
Chariot Books CB204 1962

She Healed Their Bodies With Her White Hot Passions
Torrid, Sizzling Ivy League Love

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The Young Nurses

Pyramid F-1057 1963

Fear, Lust, Twisted Passions — An Explosive Story Of Life In A Big City Hospital…


Walk Out Of Darkness

Monarch 376, 1963

The Compelling Story Of A Nurses Devotion And A Doctor’s Courage

Presumably unrelated to Walk In Darkness