Lash Of The Six-Gun Queen

Action Stories Winter 1947

Her Kiss Was Wine, Her Guns Were Death

This Señorita Scorpion cover was later reworked into a space scene for Planet Stories

The Trouble Trailer


Quick Trigger Showdown In Smoky Hill
Hashknife Hartley and Sleepy Stevens take sides in a blazing range war


Heller From Texas


The town was tough, like its men — only Buchman could be tougher


Law of the ’45


Only In A Coffin Could Bill Randall Return From The Owl-Hoot Trail


Apache Greed (Original Title: Desert Campfire)

Lion 195 (Feb, 1954). First printing.  Cover Art by Robert Schulz

A Savage Indian…
A Nobel White Woman…
A Tempestuous Hunger…

From the back:

She looked down on his body . . . and knew
Ripped from their villages… decimated by the cruel guns of the white man – these were the handful of near-naked Apaches, still roaming the blood-soaked sands.
And when she set eyes on his magnificent bronze body, slashed though it was by cavalry bullet and sabre, she knew that this Indian was the man she wanted…
APACHE GREED is blistering novel of the Southwest – pulsing with the passion of two people – a beautiful white woman, and an Apache warrior.


Bride Of The Hang-Tree Hellion

Action Stories - 1950 Spring

This entire issue can be downloaded here