Lt. Winters’ Apache

For Men Only May 1957

Also, The Castaway And His South Sea Harem and Boston’s Vice-Crazy Jail


The Bloody Year The Daltons Rode

Saga November 1958

Also, Are The Marines Still Tough, The Indian Slayer, Colin Kelly’s Hour Of Glory, and George Romney, Small-Car Apostle


The Kid From Rattlesnake Bar

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Stag December 1957 thumbnail
Stag December 1957

Also featuring Capt. Hintze and his 2000 Dead Crewmen and Assignment: Get Her Out Of Harlot House

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1952, Ballantine Books #10 thumbnail
1952, Ballantine Books #10 Back thumbnail
1952, Ballantine Books #10
1952, Ballantine Books #10 Back

One steel-fisted man against a gang of ruthless killers

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