Nude in a Mink Raincoat

Leisure Books LB1102 - Nude In A Mink Raincoat (1965)

Fame And Sins Brought Tragedy For This — Nude In A Mink Raincoat


Vice Row

Playtime 642-S 1963

This new girl becomes the most popular whore on vice row — then a slasher’s knife strikes again — and again


The Timber Tramps

Playtime 640 1963

The dives and brothels of “the basin” offered everything from sex orgy to sadism. It was no place for the college kids


Wantons On Wheels

Candid Reader CA967 1969

She learned about lust in the roller game!

From the back:

Vivian was the new girl on the roller derby team. Fresh from the country, she hungered for the excitement only the big city could offer. And she found it — on the track, and in the bed of almost every member of the team.


The Far Out Ones

Playtime 650 1963 thumbnail
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Playtime 650 1963

9 to 5 at the office wasn’t for her… not when belly dancing could shimmy her into the big time

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The Wanton Wench

Playtime 656 1963

She looked beautiful… this she-devil with a whore’s heart in an angel’s body!


Call Box

Playtime 658 1964

Sex is a service too, and the kind Mike gives should be burned, not written on the hotel time sheet!