Black Abyss

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Urania – Il sole nudo, 1957

Life Without Annihilating War Depended Upon Finding Another Earth-Like Planet In The Galaxy

Otherwise, our children would have to grow up in a world where war had been annihilated. This cover art was reused from an Italian edition of Asimov’s The Naked Sun

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The Island Of Violent Virgins

South Sea Magazine October 1960

Also, The Island Where Sex Is Compulsory, Human Studs In Arabia, I Rescued Brigitte From Harem Torture, My Gem Jackpot In Honduras, and I Saw The Forbidden Somali Sex Dance


The “Third Sex” And You: Hand-To-Hand Combat Fight To The Death With A Lion

Adventure magazine cover, June 1963 thumbnail
Adventure magazine June 1963 thumbnail
Adventure June 1963 thumbnail
Adventure magazine cover, June 1963
Adventure magazine June 1963
Adventure June 1963

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Adventure February 1961

The Sea’s Most Shameful Secret

Also featuring Sex Behind Prison Bars, Why I Became A Harem Girl, and Japan’s Love Slave Market


Tales of Magic and Mystery, March 1928

Tales of Magic and Mystery, March 1928

This issue contains the first publication of Cool Air by H.P. Lovecraft


The Man Who Was Millions


This entire issue can be downloaded here


The O.S.S. — Dance Hall Nymph Mission

FOR MEN ONLY December 1962

Also featuring “Death March” Charlie Esslin’s Exotic Amazons Of Bataan, FBI Showdown For Pretty Boy Floyd’s Union Station Slaughter, Paris Alley Girls Who Plagued A Nazi Command, and Toughest Damn Fighter In The U.S. Marine Corps