When The Death Light Shines

Dime Mystery Magazine August 1939

Yes, the evil cult leader is spray-painting the chained girl gold. No, I don’t know why.


The Bloody Nude Ritual Of Satan’s Cultists

Man's Action April 1969

Also, How To Make Out While You’re Making Money, Idaho’s Lost Treasure Millions, Nude Victims of New England’s Mad Fetish Fiend, Orgy On Wheels, Opium Death Ship — Sex And Torture On The High Seas and Bizarre Saga Of The World War II Lust Spy


Spawn of the Flames

Terror Tales, June 1936 thumbnail
Terror Tales Magazine, June 1936 thumbnail
Terror Tales, June 1936
Terror Tales Magazine, June 1936

Also, Death’s Cold Arms 


Food For Coffins

Dime Myster January 1935

This cover was later reused for the April 1940 issue.