The Wrong Touch

Manhunt January 1954

I slapped her across the face. “You–! I ought to kill you!”

Also, Pattern For Panic


Heller From Texas


The town was tough, like its men — only Buchman could be tougher


Carnival Girl (1959)

Beacon Books B238 1959

For The Price Of A Ticket, You Could Enjoy Rhonda’s Charms…
A Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse Of Tent-Show Life — Of The Tawdry Glamor, The Sordid Lust, The Sins And Scandals Of Girls Trained To Please!


Attack At Suicide Stretch

Man's Illustrated August 1956

Also, Sex In Marriage: Is One Woman Ever Enough? and The Untold Secret Of The Alamo


What You Should Know About Sex Stimulants

Man's Illustrated September 1958

Also featuring Zip-Gun Girl and Gallery Of Queer Nudes


Gun-Fighter of Starvation Pool

44 Western Magazine June 1940 thumbnail
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042-44W v05n02 (1940-06)040-041 thumbnail
083-44W v05n02 (1940-06)080-081 thumbnail
44 Western Magazine June 1940
009-44W v05n02 (1940-06)008-009
042-44W v05n02 (1940-06)040-041
083-44W v05n02 (1940-06)080-081

Also featuring Boothill Waits In Buckhorn. This entire issue can be downloaded here.


The Raiders

Adventure December 1935

True Story Of Ben Thompson, Texas Bad Man

This entire issue can be downloaded here