Rapture Alley

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The Shocking Story Of A Girl Who Took The Road To Dope Addiction
The Candid Story Of A Girl Who Lived Recklessly On Forbidden Thrills

From the back:

Rapture For A Moment, Hell For A Lifetime . . .
Dope is no road to ecstasy, no matter what they say. It’s for defeated people . . . like Lora. Bitter, lonely people . . . like Lora. People who are tortured by forbidden love, who are in other people’s lives, who are at the end of their string, morally and emotionally . . . like Lora.
So Lora Took The Turn Into Rapture Alley . . . And Found It’s A Dead-End Street!
Swept along by a tide she could not buck, a fever of love she could not down, Lora was almost lost forever in the whirlpools of dope and degradation . . . until one little twist of fate showed her what she was in for. . . and why it was worthwhile to fight her way back.

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A God Named Kroo (1944)

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Thrilling Wonder Stories - Winter 1944
Thrilling 1944-winter - 0013
Thrilling 1944-winter - 0015
Thrilling 1944-winter - 0044
Thrilling 1944-winter - 0051
Thrilling 1944-winter - 0053
Thrilling 1944-winter - 0062
Thrilling 1944-winter - 0073
Thrilling 1944-winter - 0085
Thrilling 1944-winter - 0097
Thrilling 1944-winter - 0099

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Death Is My Gift

Popular Detective October 1943

Also featuring The Fingernail Clue. This cover was later reused for Death at Sea


Hibiscus and Homicide

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The Dead Don’t Cry


This entire issue can be downloaded here


Planets in Peril

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Captain Future Fall 1942

That damsel is in distress!
This entire issue can be downloaded here

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