Fry In Hell, My Sweet!

Men Today June 1961

Also featuring A Teenage Nympho, Toast The Devil’s Bride With Blood, Keep The Homosexual Out Of Prison, and Baseball’s Biggest Flop — U.S. Players


Shriek, My Little One, On The Devil’s Couch Of Torment!

Man's Story August 1964

Also featuring Beware The Sex Traps Of Vacationing Wives, Summertime Kid Killers Are Gunning For You, and 10 Sure Ways To Become A Big Time Lover


Greenwich Village, N.Y. One Square Mile Of Sex!

Real Men April 1961


Holland’s Nazi Lust Torturers

Man's Daring Magazine April 1960

Also, Is Your Wife Killing Your Virility, Escape To An Exotic Paradise, and Bizarre Fatherhood Racket Exposed


The Nazi Who Turned Europe Into A Slaughter House

Man's Story October 1966


Which Way To The Women?

Man's Best Magazine January 1962

Also, The Sex Problem Nobody Mentions


How Detroit Sells Cars With Sex

Sir Magazine April 1963, Yearbook

Also, Case History of a Sexually Immature Male, When Somerset Maugham’s Nephew Bought A Slave, and Commie Cruelty In Greece: A Tale Of Guts And Bravery


Hitler’s Inferno Of Branded Women!

Man's Action Magazine January 1962

Also, Love Practices Of Immoral Coeds and Lola Hearn’s Flying Bordello!


Joe Gall: Caccia al Fantasma

Segretissimo 252 September 1968

Originally published in the U.S. by Gold Medal as The Irish Beauty Contract in 1966


The Gay Girls Who Tripped Hitler’s Ace Spy Master

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Sir August 1961
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 011
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 020-21
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 024-25
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 036-37

Also, Virgin Auction In Old Colorado, I Saw Paris “When”, and The Amazing Loot Of Lima Hoax

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