The Demon Caravan

Dell #501. 1951 thumbnail
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Dell #501. 1951
Dell #501. 1951 Back

At a hidden oasis in the Sahara, a French officer becomes the prospective bride-groom at an Arab wedding feast…

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Invitation To Live

Dell Mapback 380 (1950). Cover Art by Robert Stanley

Barbara hears Dean Harcourt preach on the power of love and accepts his — Invitation To Live


Death Haunts The Dark Lane

A. B. Cunningham - Death Haunts the Dark Lane (1950, Dell Book #465)

Sheriff Roden and his dog track the killer of a Kentucky beauty 


Hands Off! (Original Title: High Vermilion)


Fists, Guns, Women — In The Raw West!


Trouble Valley


Gun-blazing range war – and the Double-D riders take a six-gun detour past crooked courts and a bribed sheriff


The Mating Cry

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“I have come to pay my debt — in the way I discovered men prefer.”

This entire book can be downloaded here


The Naked Storm (1956)


Treachery, Passion And Brutal Murder — 72 Furious Hours In A Snowbound Train


Space Prison (Original Title: The Survivors)



The Man From Wyoming (Original Title: Lonesome River Range)

Bantam #259, 1949

Bullets Couldn’t Stop Him!


Murder Twice Told


Dark nights filled with deadly menace…


The Thing That Made Love / The Whipping Room / Warped Women

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Intimate Novel #24, 1952 thumbnail
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Uni-Books No. 15 1951
Intimate Novel #24, 1952

No Woman Could Survive Such Harrowing Ecstasy!
Out of the swamp crept this figment of a fevered brain… to lust… to prey…

A Novel Of Twisted Passion In Sinful New Orleans…
Their Heritage Was Ecstasy — And Bitter Justice!

Strange Love Stripped Them Of All Decency!
Once Over The Line They Could Not Stop!

From the back of Warped Women:

Can One Girl Love Another?

While still a schoolgirl, lovely Cynthia Bennett was turned against normal feelings by an incident at the hands of a brutal stableman. Later, her twisted emotions made her easy prey for the bewitchingly beautiful Jan Carter, proprietress of a reducing salon that gave exercises and massages to luxury-loving women.

Tenderly taught by Jan, young Cynthia sank ever deeper into the depravity that women share among themselves. Until, rugged Bill Barton, a photographer, tried to hire her as a model — and learned the truth about the “reducing salon”. Soon Cynthia was weighing his manly embraces against those of the voluptuous but thoroughly debased Jan…

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