Virgin Planet (1960)

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A world of beautiful women—and one man!

This entire book can be downloaded here

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The Lone Deputy

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The Lone Deputy, paperback cover, 1959
Dell #1008, 1959

They had power, money, and their own dirty hired guns. But they hadn’t counted on The Lone Deputy


This Time We Love

Monarch 259 1962

A Revealing Novel About The Lives And Loves Of Rome’s Movie Colony


Johnny Hardluck Pulls A Boner

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10 Story Western Magazine May 1947

This entire issue can be downloaded here

Crackin’ the Empire Bullwhip

10 Story Western June 1948

Also featuring Big-Stuff Bannister and Triggers for Two


The Demon Caravan

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Dell #501. 1951 Back thumbnail
Dell #501. 1951
Dell #501. 1951 Back

At a hidden oasis in the Sahara, a French officer becomes the prospective bride-groom at an Arab wedding feast…

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The Cruise Ship Girls

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Monarch 347, 1963
Monarch Books 347 1963

They were bound for far-off places and far-out thrills

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Invitation To Live

Dell Mapback 380 (1950). Cover Art by Robert Stanley

Barbara hears Dean Harcourt preach on the power of love and accepts his — Invitation To Live