Backwater Woman

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Backwater Woman paperback cover, 1957

She Used Her Sex To Survive

From the back:

A Lusty Novel By The Author Of Riverboat Girl

The peaceable, easy-livin’ houseboat folk up along the Slough had never seen a creature the likes of that backwater woman named Feline. Soon as she sashayed her saucy prettiness into Spike Rudd’s cabin, she stirred up a torrent of greed, lust and violent jealousies. And all Miss Feline did was to wiggle a bit and display a good deal of her virginal charms. Not meaning any harm, mind you! For Feline was just an eager little gal wanting to reach straight up for a “man on top of the pile,” a man of property. How Feline got her man, and how she got the clan in a riotous uproar, with man against man and woman against woman and all of them against kitten-cunning Feline, makes for a roaringly ribald tale of lusty, earthy American primitives that you won’t soon forget.

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Shack Woman

Beacon B257 1959

The Story Of A Bewitching Tramp — Whose Brazen Affairs Shocked An Entire Town!

From the back:

THEY gave Vida a shivaree on her wedding night. The dregs of the town invaded her shack, pulled her brand-new man out of bed, made cruel sport him — while committing indignities upon Vida’s pretty person…
But maybe she deserved it. After all, when she had married this drunken outcast, she’d been carrying another man’s child. For her delight had been to shamelessly roam the back country, there throw herself wantonly at oafs like Barney Williamson. . .
It was a habit not easily broken. Although another man’s bride now, Vida had to admit that she liked it when Barny paid her his special attention. . . liked it well enough to vow to keep Barney all to herself. Then one day in the woods, she came across her passion-starved sister Grace, in a man’s fevered embrace. . . Barney’s fevered embrace!