Yank Adventurer Who Grabbed Hitler’s Incredible U-Boat Treasure

Hilter's U-Boat Treasure, Male Magazine interior illustration, April 1972 thumbnail
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Hilter's U-Boat Treasure, Male Magazine interior illustration, April 1972

1972’s Bloodiest Search For Sunken Riches

The prize was a million dollars in mercury. But he was surrounded by enemies — the sea, the sharks, hijackers, and then the most unexpected enemy of all…

By the 70’s, these men’s magazine covers had devolved to stereotypical (i.e. boring) girly-photos, but the interior illustrations were often still awesome.

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The General Who Got Away With Murder

Stag October 1956 thumbnail
Stag October 1956 image011 thumbnail
Stag October 1956 image012-13 thumbnail
Stag October 1956 image016 thumbnail
Stag October 1956 image028-29 thumbnail
Stag October 1956 image032-33 thumbnail
Stag October 1956 image034 thumbnail
Stag October 1956 image039 thumbnail
Stag October 1956
Stag October 1956 image011
Stag October 1956 image012-13
Stag October 1956 image016
Stag October 1956 image028-29
Stag October 1956 image032-33
Stag October 1956 image034
Stag October 1956 image039

Soldier, Adulterer, Con Man, Killer

Also featuring Vice Queen Of New Orleans and The Man Who Lived Underground. This entire issue can be downloaded here.


Commando Who Wrecked Hitler’s V-2 Arsenal In A Strange Attack Balloon

Male June 1963 Cover thumbnail
Male June 1963 thumbnail
Male June 1963 Cover
Male June 1963

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Death Trek of Sgt. “Shotgun” Schultz

For Men Only Feb 1959 thumbnail
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For Men Only Feb 1959

World War II’s 2500-Mile Escape Across The Roof Of The World

Also featuring I Went Through The Gestapo’s Fräulein Torture. This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Yank Who Ran Paris’ Playgirl Sabotage Ring

For Men Only September 1960

His Platoon Of French Models Hijacked A Top Missile Scientist From Under The Gestapo’s Nose

Also featuring Man-Hungry Queen In The White Doctor’s Jungle Paradise 


The Torpedoed Sailor Who Took Over Japan’s Camp-Girl Compound

Action For Men November 1963

This cover was reused from the May 1959 issue of Stag


Lone-Yank Who Survived Africa’s “Weird Rite” Wilderness

For Men Only September 1966

Also featuring “Table Stakes” Redhead, Lumber Camp Nympho, Fast-Buck Traitors Who Sell To Our Enemies, and Ten Best Draftee Deals In The Armed Forces


Pilot to Control Tower, I’m Hijacking My Own Plane

Stag magazine cover, December 1973 thumbnail
Stag magazine December 1973 thumbnail
Stag magazine cover, December 1973
Stag magazine December 1973


Renegade Sea Nymph and Her Crew of Strange Castaways

True Action magazine cover, February 1963 thumbnail
True Action February 1963 thumbnail
True Action magazine cover, February 1963
True Action February 1963

Also featuring Seek Out, Destroy Germany’s Subterranean Missile City, The Yank Airman Who Joined An Asia Sex-And-Sabotage Brigade, and Wild Society Blonde Who Became A Wehrmacht Love Queen


Contraband Blonde

Stag magazine cover, April 1960 thumbnail
Stag, April 1960 thumbnail
Stag, April 1960 (2) thumbnail
Stag magazine cover, April 1960
Stag, April 1960
Stag, April 1960 (2)

Mastermind Of A Smuggling Ring — Boss Of A Vice Barracks — Brutal — Passionate

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Andy Kary, Yankee Hero Of Squadron 60

Men February 1960

Only A Stubborn American In A Beat-Up Bi-Plane Could Block A German Victory In WWII Greece


Three Months With The Wild Mountain Girls Of Tibet

38519196-Sergeant_Gregory's_Escape_from_Red_Chinese_Captivity,_Stag_Cover,_October_1960 thumbnail
Stag October 1960 thumbnail
Stag October 1960

Sgt. Gregory’s Escape from Red Chinese Captivity

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The Glider Yank Who Led The Amazon Women Of Montenegro



What Is Your Sexual Age?

adventure-magazine-cover-october-1956 thumbnail
adventure-magazine-october-1956 thumbnail

Also featuring Skid Row: The Street Where Anything Goes, Is Virginity Out Of Date?, and The Murder Of King Abdullah

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