Renegade Sea Nymph and Her Crew of Strange Castaways

True Action magazine cover, February 1963 thumbnail
True Action February 1963 thumbnail
True Action magazine cover, February 1963
True Action February 1963

Also featuring Seek Out, Destroy Germany’s Subterranean Missile City, The Yank Airman Who Joined An Asia Sex-And-Sabotage Brigade, and Wild Society Blonde Who Became A Wehrmacht Love Queen


Contraband Blonde

Stag magazine cover, April 1960 thumbnail
Stag, April 1960 thumbnail
Stag, April 1960 (2) thumbnail
Stag magazine cover, April 1960
Stag, April 1960
Stag, April 1960 (2)

Mastermind Of A Smuggling Ring — Boss Of A Vice Barracks — Brutal — Passionate

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Andy Kary, Yankee Hero Of Squadron 60

Men February 1960

Only A Stubborn American In A Beat-Up Bi-Plane Could Block A German Victory In WWII Greece


Three Months With The Wild Mountain Girls Of Tibet

38519196-Sergeant_Gregory's_Escape_from_Red_Chinese_Captivity,_Stag_Cover,_October_1960 thumbnail
Stag October 1960 thumbnail
Stag October 1960

Sgt. Gregory’s Escape from Red Chinese Captivity

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The Glider Yank Who Led The Amazon Women Of Montenegro



What Is Your Sexual Age?

adventure-magazine-cover-october-1956 thumbnail
adventure-magazine-october-1956 thumbnail

Also featuring Skid Row: The Street Where Anything Goes, Is Virginity Out Of Date?, and The Murder Of King Abdullah

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Yank Trek to the Amazon Tribe of Taboo Maidens

for-men-only-magazine-cover-march-1968 thumbnail
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Two-Month Island Women Furlough Of AWOL Sgt. O’Neil

For Men Only February 1960

He Marched Out Of New Guinea At The Head Of A Weird Army


My Four Years As Prisoner In Russia’s “Spy Hotel”

Adventure Life December 1961

Cover reused from For Men Only


The White Rajah Of Sarawak

38400051-The_White_Rajah_of_Sarawak,_Male_cover,_February,_1960 thumbnail
Male February 1960 thumbnail
38510821-Rajah_of_Sarawak,_Male_illustration,_February_1960 thumbnail
38510815-Rajah_of_Sarawak_1,_February_1960 thumbnail
38510816-Rajah_of_Sarawak_2_February_1960 thumbnail
Male February 1960

He Conquered A Dyak Army And Turned All Borneo Into His Private Kingdom

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Commander Johnnie Rodgers, America’s Great Sky Devil

Male January 1960 thumbnail
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Male January 1960

The Navy Sent Him To Honolulu In A Newfangled Crate That Never Should Have Left The Ground…

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