The Wrath and the Wind


The Wicked Woman On The Florida Coast
The lusty romance of a blackbirding adventurer and the white slave he bought at auction


Warped Women

Uni Books Digest #9 1951

Helpless Wretches — stripped by strange emotions of all restraint and decency — would they ever again know real love?


Beauty Born In Hell

Horror Stories - August September 1939

Also, Horror’s Underground Limited


Horror’s Holiday Special

Mystery Magazine (No Date)

This is an odd magazine. The cover is a straight copy of Dime Mystery July 1938, with the word Dime removed and a red border around it. There is no date, and it is not listed in Bookery’s Guide to Pulps.


Broadway Broads

Sundown Reader SR612, 1966

Fierce Passions Shook The World Of The — Broadway Broads


Secrets Of The Afrika Korps’ Torture Palace

MEN TODAY October 1961


Queen Of Pain

Man's Adventure Cover March 1965 thumbnail
Man's Adventure March 1965 thumbnail
True-Men-May-1966 thumbnail
Man's Adventure Cover March 1965
Man's Adventure March 1965

Also, Exposing The Vice Operations In The Most Wide Open City In The World , and In The Most Wide Open Season In The World. The artwork was later reused for True Men

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The Nude Sex Slave Flesh Prisons Of Calcutta

Man's Action October 1968

Also, Playboys Are Lousy Lovers!, The Wild Hippie Drug And Death Orgy, I Snatched A Beautiful Victim From The Chinese Red Guard!, Naked Terror Of The Hell’s Angels Revenge, and Virgin Streams Have The Gold–And You Can Get It!


Revolt Of The Circus Freaks

Horror Stories - October 1938 thumbnail
Horror Stories - October Nov1938 thumbnail
Horror Stories - October 1938
Horror Stories - October Nov1938

Also, Priestess Of The Plague

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