Lash Of The Six-Gun Queen

Action Stories Winter 1947

Her Kiss Was Wine, Her Guns Were Death

This Señorita Scorpion cover was later reworked into a space scene for Planet Stories

The Crimson Whip

Dime Detective Magazine April 1, 1935 thumbnail
Dime Detective v17 n02 [1935-04-01] 0074 thumbnail
Dime Detective Magazine April 1, 1935
Dime Detective v17 n02 [1935-04-01] 0074

Also, Five Fatal Hours. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Why Not Go Naked

Man's Look December 1961

Also, The Sub That Sank Itself, The Nympho Used A Knife, and Gambling Can Put Money In Your Pocket


The Crypt Of Agony For The Screaming Nudes

Man's Book October 1965

Also featuring The Golden Madam Who Made Torture BIG Business


The Nazi She-Devil Who Killed For Kicks!

Man's Action April 1968


Ride The Nazis’ Swing Of Agony, My Little One!

Man's Story November 1964

Somehow, this is not the first cover we have posted featuring The Nazi’s Swing of Agony

Also Are You Man Enough For Your Wife, Beware The Sex Lures Of CoEd Nymphs, and Invitation To Hell — I Joined A Cellar Sin Club


Firehair, Frontier Queen, Tiger Man, Werewolf Hunter

Rangers Comics #36 1947 thumbnail
Rangers 036 thumbnail
Rangers Comics #36 1947
Rangers 036

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Mistress Of Madness

Off Beat Detective Stories Jan 1961

Also, Soft Arms — Bloody Hands!, Lust Town! and Run, Sucker, Run!


The Armed Forces War Against Vice

Battle Cry, October 1962

Also featuring Sin Stands for Sabotage and Tokyo: The City Where Sex Is King


Sex The Way You Want It!

All Man May 1962

Whatever floats your boat, I guess.
Also, The Killer Was A Cannibal and Bullets For A Naked Nympho


Croesus of Murder


The Green Lama Battles a New Criminal Menace: A Führer who seeks to dominate the Gold Markets of the World