Slave Ship

Beacon Books 'Slave Ship', B217 1952

A Cargo Of Flesh Was At Their Mercy!
An Impassioned Saga Of Bloodlust — Unholy Desire — Black, Maniacal Revelry… And Hell’s Own Vengeance Wrought By A Tortured Woman!

This entire book can be downloaded here

The Torture Death Of The Man-Beast Of Ostenwald

Man's Daring Magazine March 1961

Also, The Truth About Love-Hungry Divorcees, The Nympho Nordics Of Norway, and The French Ghost Lover And The 3 G.I.’s


The Nymphos Were Crazy For Pain

Man's Best Magazine September 1961

She ruled 100 love-mad women with the kiss of her whip…

The first issue, it also includes Sex On Trial, The Bloody Butcher Of Kansas City, and The Customer Is Always Wrong


Dragon Doll Corsair Of The China Sea

Man's Daring August, 1960

Also, The Naked Cult Of The Lady Judge


Blood For The Harlots Of Horror

Rugged Men Magazine October 1960

The sight and sound of torture drove them to a frenzy of passion


Love-Crazed Amazons Of Ahamoa

Man's Daring Magazine April 1961


The Facts About Sex And Pain

Man's Adventure Magazine March 1963

Also featuring Pit Of Slaughter, Wives For Rent, Death In The Air, and The Call-Girl Who Saved America