The Man Who Was Eichmann’s Boss

War Criminals Magazine June 1963


Blood For The Harlots Of Horror

Rugged Men Magazine October 1960

The sight and sound of torture drove them to a frenzy of passion


Love-Crazed Amazons Of Ahamoa

Man's Daring Magazine April 1961


The Facts About Sex And Pain

Man's Adventure Magazine March 1963

Also featuring Pit Of Slaughter, Wives For Rent, Death In The Air, and The Call-Girl Who Saved America


Mattern’s 50 Days As An Amazon Love Slave

Sir! November 1959

Also, Bikini’s Are Back!


Dell Donahue’s 3 Weeks Of Harem Torture

Sir! August 1962

Also featuring Season of Assassins, The Errol Flynn Rape Case, and The Hussy Who Became France’s Executioner


What Is Sexual “Excess?”

Man-To-Man January 1962 thumbnail
Man To Man Magazine January 1962 thumbnail
Man To Man Magazine Jan 1962 thumbnail
Man-To-Man January 1962
Man To Man Magazine January 1962
Man To Man Magazine Jan 1962

Also, I Was A Prisoner In Tibet’s Torture Temple and The Case Of The Nude Lady Bartenders

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Vice Girls On The Spot

Men In Conflict Magazine August 1961

I think all three men on this cover are Steve Holland. The first issue, it also features Free Sex For Every Man, They Watched Us Die!, and Blood On The Canvas


The Inside Story Of Our Reform Schools

All Man Magazine November 1961

Also featuring Sex Drugs Are Flooding America, Slaughter In The Desert, and Vice Girls Of Venice


The Wrath and the Wind


The Wicked Woman On The Florida Coast
The lusty romance of a blackbirding adventurer and the white slave he bought at auction


Warped Women

Uni Books Digest #9 1951

Helpless Wretches — stripped by strange emotions of all restraint and decency — would they ever again know real love?