Free and Easy (Original Title: After Passion)

Free and Easy, paperback cover, Ecstasy 1951 thumbnail
Ecstasy 1951 - # 11 - Free And Easy - Luther Gordon thumbnail
Free and Easy, paperback cover, Ecstasy 1951
Ecstasy 1951 - # 11 - Free And Easy - Luther Gordon

She Wanted Love… Not Marriage!


Ecstasy Girl (1951)

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The Mixed-Up Love Capers of Two Men and Three Girls

The 1948 cover is here

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Twice With Julie (1965)


He had failed, just as had a hundred others, to satisfy the incredible passion that drove her from town to town, from man to man.

From the back:

He had fallen in love with a girl who lived in constant torment, a girl who spent every waking moment in desperate need of sex, a girl who was never without need of a man, any man, a girl who was beyond caring who or what or where or how as long as there was someone seeking to appease the fiery hungers that burned so intensely within her feverish body! He had fallen in love with a girl some called a swinger, others called a tramp, still others knew as a prostitute… but he alone knew was the odd breed of female described by psychiatrists as a

The 1962 edition, with a cover by Maguire, is here


Double Up

Beacon Books B435Y 1961

Wanton wives… playful husbands… traded loves…
Their incomes were high — their morals were low — their parties were pleasure-fests where sex was served like wine…!


Passion Pair

Leisure Book LB 623 (1964)

Lust Was The Payoff For This — Passion Pair

From the back:

… that’s Puerto Rico, and the lush surroundings of the plush hotel add to the boredom of the idle rich… of people like Paul and Elaine Combs. It is so easy then, for determined extortion artists to move in and mark them as their next passion victims. The blackmailers are Jim and Lois MacIntyre, smooth and polished in all the tricks of their trade… and their trade is love… until the pictures are all developed. Then the shame and degradation of their victims becomes reflected in a negotiable check… the only true sin money…


The Street Is My Beat

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Monarch MM606 1961
Monarch MM606 1961 Back

The Powerful Story Of A Young Girl Forced Into Prostitution By Her Money-Mad Husband

From the back:

When seventeen-year-old Della met Phil Demerest, there was no doubt in her mind that he was the answer to a virgin’s prayers. Handsome, charming and a free spender, he could make a girl feel like a queen – and not for just a day.
Not until they were married did Della discover the shocking truth about her husband:
• That she wasn’t his only wife.
• That his wives were expected to support him in the style to which he had become accustomed.
• That he would stoop to anything to force them into the arms of his “clients” — for a price, of course.
By this time it was too late — too late to escape the Bluebeard who sold his wives instead of killing them.

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Fraternity Row

Monarch #366 1963 - Fraternity Row thumbnail
Monarch #366 1963 - Fraternity Row Back thumbnail
Monarch #366 1963 - Fraternity Row
Monarch #366 1963 - Fraternity Row Back

She learned the facts of life and love

From the back:

“I propose to convince Miss Gilford,” announced Graycen, “that
it would be sporting of her to remove her clothing so that each
of you may satisfy your curiosity about her physical proportions.”

“What then, Chaz?” asked one of the assembled fraternity

“I am merely promising to deliver the buxom miss to you au naturel,” retorted Chaz Graycen. “As for other activities, I’m sure that any gentleman of Delta Mu is quite capable of seizing the initiative in a situation so fraught with possibilities.”

Late that evening, Marty Lou Gilford, a coed no one had gotten to first base with, walked casually down the staircase leading to the lounge room of the frat house, completely in the buff …

That was Chaz Graycen, III, president of Delta Mu, who boasted that he could do anything, and often did.

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Damned Are the Meek

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Monarch #407 1964
Monarch #407 1964 Back

She Was Driven To Evil In Her Search For Fulfillment

From the back:

Stranger To Love
Bus station, eight o’clock. Bus station, eight o’clock, Julie Mars repeated to herself. The words were like an aphrodisiac, connected with that coarse, brutish lecher with the broken nose who had accosted her the day before. And she’d made a date with him: Bus station, eight o’clock.
The thought of a love tryst with an animal like him shamed her. She shut it out of her mind. But it returned with greater force as she remembered how he’d stalked her like a jungle creature right there on the public streets. He had moved slowly, an implacable force of destruction, confident of his power over her She was revolted, sickened, but she would go.
She needed ugliness, degradation, punishment. She didn’t want it, but she was driven to it…

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Trap of Lesbos

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Softcover Library SCL S95159 1970
Softcover Library SCL S95159 1970 Back

About women who love women — yet also crave men!
Probes the bold question:  Are perverts born that way — or taught by experts?

From the back:

To be — or not to be bisexual!
Myra Ramsey’s  husband had no time for love. So she turned to Sharon — who did! And lovely Sharon , expert in perverse pleasure, turned Myra into an addict of silky Lesbian sex.
Myra knew these forbidden sessions with Sharon or other tempting girls could only lead to destruction. But unnatural love feeds on itself. The more she got, the more she wanted!
The worst part was that Myra still was not satisfied. She had not lost her natural hunger for the male sex….
Could Myra choose one form of love or the other — or was she destined for a degraded bisexual existence?

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Norma: Born for Trouble

Midwood 32-628 1966

She had always thought love was a thing of beauty — then one night she discovered it could be a horror


The Sheer Affair

Chariot Books 222 1962

Lusty — Shocking — Sizzling
Marilyn was naked. She was young, long stemmed and voluptuous. Marilyn also had a strange taste for the 3rd sex!