Satan Was My Pimp


This devil in lusting flesh dealt in bodies, not in souls. For a share of his love, as hot as the hell that spawned him, women let themselves be sold to the highest bidder of either sex, for whatever erotic ritual evil could devise.

From the back:

New York was to Justine what Justine was to New York: a temptress – lush, seductive, insatiable, destructive. Blinded by its glitter, she plunged headlong into dizzying whirlpools of passion… first with a lustful, treacherous man, then with a fiercely tender woman. Suddenly, she was rushed headlong into a final frenzy… murder as violent, as swift, as the wild desire that caused it!


Tainted Wife

Fabian Z-118 1959

It was just Molly and Fred that day — alone in the loft — while the weather threatened to ruin the hay


Untamed Lust

1960 Beacon B336

Like bees and honey, women and money go together. Frank Jennings had both…
The Story Of A Sadist — Of His Twisted Wife And Daughter, And Of A Girl Name Joan, Whose Only Mania Was Love!

Not related to this book of the same name, this entire book can be downloaded here

Give Me Ecstasy

1951, Exotic Novel #18

They Registered As Brother And Sister….


Scandalous Career Girl (Original Title: Shameless Sue)

1954, Croydon Book #110

She Would Do Anything For Success


Blonde Dynamite

Beacon Softcover Library B862X 1965

An Intimate View Of What Some Coeds Must Go Through To Get Educated
Margo was learning more after curfew than during class


Free-Loving Wives

Beacon B803X 1965

There Was A New Twist To Suburbia’s Mating Game
The new weekend kick — every man seeking a strange woman and every woman a different mate!


The Sex Kitten Grows Up

Beacon Softcover Library B872X 1965

When You Play With A Young She-Tiger, First Clip Her Claws!
The Bold Novel Of Two Proud Men And A Girl Who Was Catnip To Them Both


The Affair

The Affair Softcover Library, 1965 thumbnail
Beacon Softcover Library B876X 1965 thumbnail
The Affair Softcover Library, 1965
Beacon Softcover Library B876X 1965

He Was A Brash Young Rebel. She Was His Teacher. Boldly They Defied Convention…
The story of a shattering affair between a sex-driven woman and a teen-age boy!

From the back:

Chuck Lewis, handsome football star, lives in a world of gridiron battles, record hops, beer parties. His adolescent “steady,” Joanie Miller, is willing to please him up to a certain point—but refuses to go all the way. So to satisfy his violent urges, and to make Joanie jealous, Chuck deliberately tempts his pretty high-school teacher, Meg Davidson.
During a private tutoring session, love-starved Meg yields to Chuck’s caresses, launching them both into a reckless and wanton affair. Then Meg marries Chuck, is discharged from her job and scorned by the community. But she has no regrets. All that counts are those frenzied satisfactions in the arms of her young husband.
Only one thing worries Meg. Does Chuck really love her? The answer comes as a crippling shock. Meg is Chuck’s wife. But Joanie Miller is carrying his child!


Strange Lovers

Beacon Signal Sixty B727X 1964

Can a mature but still seductive woman win, hold and satisfy a younger man?
Can a man of fifty, however strong, win, hold and satisfy a pretty young girl?

From the back:

This is the unusually frank story of Barry St. Clair, fifty-year-old scholar, trim and virile. He falls under the spell of Lori, a teasing and promiscuous gamin.
This is the story of Roy Hayes, age twenty-five, who al-most gets his uncle’s young bride for himself. Their love affair takes a surprising turn.
This is also the story of beautiful Avis Morgan, maturely sensuous, warmly needful. Hungering for a youthful sweetheart, she tempts Roy with her money, her sophistication and, above all, her body. Does an older person, male or female lack the strength to hold a young lover… or is it the other way around?