Sex Couch


A beautiful, voluptuous starlet dragged through the sewer of human emotions in the Hollywood film racket.


Wrong Kind Of Love

National Library Books NB-108 1967

Just as Gina was wishing desperately that Harold would do more than just kiss her, they were interrupted by the appearance of her brother Jimmy…


Torch of Desire


He had an insatiable lust and a harem of beauties to gratify his needs… yet the one he wanted most was denied him.


Sin Circuit

Ember Book EB936 1964

Twisted Hungers And Wild Passions Along The — Sin Circuit


Wild Divorcee

Nightstand NB 1542, 1961

Her Life Was A Nightmare Of Sin!
The Wrong Marriage Had Made Her A Wanton!


Bedside Manners

Bee-Line Book 205 1967

The virile young doctor just wanted to practice medicine, but the bored suburban housewives wouldn’t let him . . . they wanted him to be their love doctor!

From the back:

When Doctor Len Battle came to town, the first thing that happened to him was that a beautiful woman offered to set him up in business, stake him for the first months it would take to build a practice, and warm his bed too! She even brought him a lot of patients . . . love-starved young wives who were demanding to be treated by him even though they weren’t ill . . . except from lack of sex! But when the young doctor rebelled against the idea of being a kept man for an entire bevy of demanding women, he discovered that the only thing worse than the fury of a woman scorned is the rage of many women scorned!


She Devil (1962)

1962 BEACON #B503F

She had the face of an angel… The soul of a wanton… She was a — She Devil
He knew she’d sell herself to any man… But he was captive to her lusts…
A Novel That Burns With A Man’s Violent Obsession For A Depraved Woman — And His Fight To Escape From A Life Of Complete Degradation!