Passion Slave


They Lured Her Into The World’s Oldest Trap
They ran a strange kind of house, These girls – The inside story of a Calcutta Brothel


Sex Life Of A Cop

Saber Books SA-11, 1959 50908810932_b72790488b_4k

This was no ordinary necking party they’d broken up. Before them stood their enraged boss—the Chief of Police—and some woman.



Beacon Books B102 1950

She Was Cheap And Easy — but Unforgettable!


The Rich Crowd (Original Title: Swords And Scepters, Coins And Cups)

Fawcett P1730 1972


Only The Bed


For Him A Woman was meant for one thing
The sordid story of a man who made a career of ruining women

Later published as Torment


The Game Is Sex


They Were Four College Boys On Summer Vacation—Just Looking For Some Fun. They Found Madge, Ready And Willing. But, To Their Shock, They Discovered That She Was Only Fifteen—And A Virgin To Boot!


Farm Girl (Original Title: Anna Luhanna)

Readers Choice Library #31 1951

She Lived Like A Wicked, Little Animal


Shameless Wife


She Traded Virtue For Passionate Adventure

Elissa Armstrong made a daring love-pact–with another woman’s husband!


Wild And Wicked


They were the spoiled products of the jaded society set—ready to do anything for kicks, even if it resulted in a front page scandal!


A Touch of Depravity

50398293771-midwood-books-67-paul-v-russo-a-touch-of-depravity thumbnail
50397668253-midwood-books-67-paul-v-russo-a-touch-of-depravity-back thumbnail

She Demanded More Than Love, More Than Passion

Half Temptress, half tyrant — Crystal combined savagery, sophistication and strange thirsts.

From the back:

Sex was nice — and very necessary, of course — but it really wasn’t the big kick, not in itself, anyway. It was the conquest that mattered to Crystal, the joyous thrill of forcing a man or woman into abject submission. Yes, that was where the pleasure lay.
Even her own husband.
It would be fun being with Tim again. Tormenting him, goading him, flouting her affairs with women in his face until he seethed with rage — yes, it would be fun to see him loving her one moment and hating her the next. It would be fun to bring her husband to his knees once again.
Where he belonged.
Where the whole damned world belonged…


The Sex Persuaders

Mercury Publications 107 1966

You didn’t really know what you were watching but there were little doodles in the movie. They went by too fast to identify but after watching them a little while they made you do things that you never dreamed you’d ever do.