Beacon Books 'Lisette', B470F 1962

The hell-bound route some women travel to pay for men’s successes —
• She was a dancer and a breathtaking blonde…
• She was the perfect patsy for wrong guys…
• She was the one woman that one man had to have…
… And her life became a roadshow of one-night passions!

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Party Wives

Beacon Books B452F 1961

They traded themselves for their husbands’ success
“… join the Club, Nora, the most exclusive in the world–a select group of lovely young wives who want to get ahead badly enough to — sleep in any bed!”
A Shocking Novel Of Women With Never Enough Money Or Morals —

This entire book can be downloaded here

Sex Jungle

Nightstand Books NB1524 - Sex Jungle (1960)

Teen-Age Lusts On A Rampage Of Sharp Knives And Easy Girls!
Blood And Passion In A Gutter World!


Sin Girls

Nightstand Books NB1514 - Sin Girls (1960) thumbnail
Nightstand Books NB1514 - Sin Girls (1960) back thumbnail
Nightstand Books NB1514 - Sin Girls (1960)
Nightstand Books NB1514 - Sin Girls (1960) back

A Shocking Novel Of Lesbian Love
Tormented Passions Of Women For Women

From the back:

They Made Love…
beautiful Leslie, her body lush and full as a woman’s should be… and Laura whose hips ware mannish, whose bosom was small… and they found the release of their untamed passions. But Laura was only the first for Leslie. Then came flame-haired Ronnie, who demanded more than Leslie could give. Then Eileen, Doris, Roberta, Annette, and others. And soon, Leslie was trapped by her own animal desires in a half-world of erotic cravings that made her a stranger to all the normal pleasures a woman seeks. This is the most powerful novel you will ever read on the subject, written by a woman who is, herself
A Tormented Lesbian!

Actually, this book was written by respected science fiction author Robert Silverberg.


Kept / Topless And Tempting

Midwood 34-902

Lowery knew all about Simone Sobra’s men when he agreed to help write her book. But he was too smart to fall under the domination of the decadent sex queen. Or so he liked to think.

Topless And Tempting
Gloria, the topless dancer, thought she had broken Nick’s sinister hold on her until he came back. In the end, the only person who could help her was a girl who liked other girls.


Die, Baby, Die

PEC Books N-157 1967

From the back:

Deke Fagin, known to all members of the Syndicate and the police as the ‘Investigator’ was assigned the task of finding the murderer, or murderers, of one of Annie’s girls and a trick who turned out to be the only son and heir of wealthy, influential Wilma Van Dyke. The assignment should have been an easy one, but Deke ran into a series of com-plications . . . like dope, missing persons, more murder and a new mob doing their best to muscle in on the Syndicates operation.
In fitting together the pieces of the jig-saw of violence and death Deke is constantly in grave danger himself and ends up on a cold, lonely beach, begging some cop to give him aid.


Puta (Original Title: Born To Be Bad)

Midwood 165, 1962

Rita wanted to be good, but when she was bad she was better.
Her mother was a Spanish prostitute — a “puta’, her father unknown. How could she be anything more that what she was?

This novel by Lawrence Block was previously published as Born To Be Bad in 1959, and was later published again under that title in 1967


Sex In White

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Saber Tropic 920 1966

Day duty is a busy time at Union Hospital, so there wasn’t much time to keep track of the sex life on the torrid fourth floor….

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