The Awesome Rebellion

Man's Day Magazine February 1961

Also Nine Battling Brides On Shipwreck Island and The Three Mortar-Loving Wars Of “Gunny” Diamond


Pirate Queen of the China Seas

Man To Man Magazine December 1960

Kalba Wong terrorized men — but Cliff Wrede taught her a lesson.

Also featuring I Am A Nympho Alcoholic, Raped In The Black Wave of Terror, and How to Bet YOUR System


Captain Sheffield: Human Guinea Pig In A Freezing Vat

Man To Man Magazine June 1961


Blood For The Harlots Of Horror

Rugged Men Magazine October 1960

The sight and sound of torture drove them to a frenzy of passion


Love-Crazed Amazons Of Ahamoa

Man's Daring Magazine April 1961


Last Days Of Hitler’s Depraved Dagger Girls

True Men Magazine January 1963


Terror Of The All-Girl Posse And Their Necktie Parties

Man's Life Magazine January 1960


Rampaging Outlaw Angels And Their Love-Blast “Mamas”

New Man Magazine May 1967

Also, Sin Money Nymph, I Conquered The Headhunters of ‘Blood Hostage Island’, Those High-Handed, Dollar-Gouging Plumbers, and Pinpoint-Bomb The Cong or You’ll Massacre 500 GIs


I Saved 100 Captive Beauties From The Lust-Mad Butcher Of Oriente

Man's Story Magazine November 1960