South Sea Playmate

South Sea Stories January 1963

Featuring Death Diamonds Of Guajira, Sex Afloat: The Willing Women American Men Are Passing Up, Sergeant Farley’s Moment Of Terror, I Fought With The Sadists on the Cliff of Death, and Flashlight on a Nude


Lt. Dawson And A Seven-Girl Platoon Reporting, Sir!

For Men Only January 1960

One Week After Crashing In The Desert, He Was Running The Weirdest Spy Post Of World War II


The General Who Got Away With Murder

Stag October 1956 thumbnail
Stag October 1956 image011 thumbnail
Stag October 1956 image012-13 thumbnail
Stag October 1956 image016 thumbnail
Stag October 1956 image028-29 thumbnail
Stag October 1956 image032-33 thumbnail
Stag October 1956 image034 thumbnail
Stag October 1956 image039 thumbnail
Stag October 1956
Stag October 1956 image011
Stag October 1956 image012-13
Stag October 1956 image016
Stag October 1956 image028-29
Stag October 1956 image032-33
Stag October 1956 image034
Stag October 1956 image039

Soldier, Adulterer, Con Man, Killer

Also featuring Vice Queen Of New Orleans and The Man Who Lived Underground. This entire issue can be downloaded here.


Nicaragua’s Treasure Of “Dead Virgin Swamp”

Help Yourself, Real Men magazine cover, January 1966 thumbnail
Real Men January 1966 thumbnail
Help Yourself, Real Men magazine cover, January 1966
Real Men January 1966

Also featuring Wife Swapping Is Everything We Hoped For!, Pain Is My Way Of Life And I Love It, and Assignment: Nymphomaniac

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Street Queens Are Taking Over Teenage Gangs!

Wildcat Adventures February 1962


Attack At Suicide Stretch

Man's Illustrated August 1956

Also, Sex In Marriage: Is One Woman Ever Enough? and The Untold Secret Of The Alamo


What You Should Know About Sex Stimulants

Man's Illustrated September 1958

Also featuring Zip-Gun Girl and Gallery Of Queer Nudes


Chinese Mati Hari

Exotic Adventures

Also, Tahiti: Lusty Island Of Untamed Women, Trapped By Mau Mau Terror! and Nudist Paradise On The Riviera


Assignment: Nazi Occupied Paris

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True Men, November 1965 thumbnail
True Men, November 1965

Orders To: O.S.S. Agent William Harmon: Rescue 14 French Prostitutes Whose Secrets Can Save The Normandy Invasion


The Cannibal Cruise Of The “Essex”

Men In Conflict February 1962

Also, Let’s Make Stag Shows Legal, Thirty-Five Seconds Of Slaughter, and Queen City Of Sex


The Strange Orgy Of Gunrunner Slade

Wildcat Adventures August 1961

Also featuring Torrid Temptress Of Tampico, The Nude Ghoul Of The London Blitz, and Is Alcohol A Love Stimulant?