The Golden Treasure That Was Hidden For 2500 Years

All Man September 1964


Stud In Paradise!

Man's True Danger December 1967

He didn’t mind fathering a new race with all those south seas beauties but there was a half a million dollars waiting for him in Frisco…

Also featuring Warning! Sex Can Kill You!, Sex International’s New Isle Of Shame!, Girls’ School Orgy, Where To Find A $Million$ Buried On Long Island!, and The Lust Galley Of The Jet Set Playboy


Fry In Hell, My Sweet!

Men Today June 1961

Also featuring A Teenage Nympho, Toast The Devil’s Bride With Blood, Keep The Homosexual Out Of Prison, and Baseball’s Biggest Flop — U.S. Players


Shriek, My Little One, On The Devil’s Couch Of Torment!

Man's Story August 1964

Also featuring Beware The Sex Traps Of Vacationing Wives, Summertime Kid Killers Are Gunning For You, and 10 Sure Ways To Become A Big Time Lover


Ike O’Hara’s Isle Of Comfort Girls

Sir February 1960

Also featuring And Lady Peg Gave The Mau Mau Oath, Sex Store In Japan, The Beatnik Plot Against Teenagers, and Will Congress Kayo Boxing?


Bust-Out Bomber Man And The Battling Frauleins!

Man's Illustrated December 1959

Also featuring What Those “Sex Pills” Will And Won’t Do For You!, The Cast-Iron Hunchback’s Secret, and Island Of Captive GI Lovers!


I Fell Into The Lost Cavern

Men October 1955

Also featuring Wildest Sin City Of The Midwest


Berlin Crashout!

Man's Conquest June 1963

True Saga Of The Most Incredible Escape From The Communist “Wall Of Terror”


Lost Treasure Of Slave King River

Real Men August 1965

Also, Why We Like Wife Swapping, Sex And Strippers, and Death Trap in the Himalayas


Follow A Dead Man’s Trail To the Hill Of Bloody Emeralds!

Real Men July 1969

Also featuring Sex Mad Housewives And Their Teen-Age Lovers!, We Battled Castro’s Goons through a Night Of Slaughter, How You Can Be Trapped Into Making Love In Front Of An Audience! and Miracle Escape From The Nazi Killers Of Cisterna!

This cover was reused from the November 1965 issue.


Greenwich Village, N.Y. One Square Mile Of Sex!

Real Men April 1961