The Free-Love Fräuleins Who Are Plotting In Blood

Men in Conflict Magazine August 1961


The Man Who Was Eichmann’s Boss

War Criminals Magazine June 1963


No Return From The Catrimanis

Male May 1957

Also, Island Of Captive Women


Science Is Killing Your Love Life!

Man's Action Magazine November 1961

Also, The Lustful Ladies Of L’Esperance and The Commando Raid On Castro’s Torture Palace


The Awesome Rebellion

Man's Day Magazine February 1961

Also Nine Battling Brides On Shipwreck Island and The Three Mortar-Loving Wars Of “Gunny” Diamond


Pirate Queen of the China Seas

Man To Man Magazine December 1960

Kalba Wong terrorized men — but Cliff Wrede taught her a lesson.

Also featuring I Am A Nympho Alcoholic, Raped In The Black Wave of Terror, and How to Bet YOUR System


Captain Sheffield: Human Guinea Pig In A Freezing Vat

Man To Man Magazine June 1961