Death Trek of Sgt. “Shotgun” Schultz

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For Men Only Feb 1959

World War II’s 2500-Mile Escape Across The Roof Of The World

Also featuring I Went Through The Gestapo’s Fräulein Torture. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Tahiti – Where My Dreams Came True

Adventure December 1964

It’s a magical place.


Open All Sea Cocks!

Stag Magazine November 1959

Also, The Impossible Escape and Prophet Briggs And His Share The Wife Cult


The Nude Decoys Of Lubang

Man's World December 1960

A Strange Scheme To Smoke Out World War II’s Die-Hard Japs


The Yank Who Ran Paris’ Playgirl Sabotage Ring

For Men Only September 1960

His Platoon Of French Models Hijacked A Top Missile Scientist From Under The Gestapo’s Nose

Also featuring Man-Hungry Queen In The White Doctor’s Jungle Paradise 


The Marooned Sailor and the Fighting Girls of Stalingrad

Stag November 1960

Also featuring The Plot To Kill Nikita Khrushchev


The Torpedoed Sailor Who Took Over Japan’s Camp-Girl Compound

Action For Men November 1963

This cover was reused from the May 1959 issue of Stag


Lone-Yank Who Survived Africa’s “Weird Rite” Wilderness

For Men Only September 1966

Also featuring “Table Stakes” Redhead, Lumber Camp Nympho, Fast-Buck Traitors Who Sell To Our Enemies, and Ten Best Draftee Deals In The Armed Forces


Are American Men Sex Failures / Wife-Swap For Traveling Men

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Real Action April 1964 vol1-6 thumbnail
Man's Adventure May 1961
Real Action April 1964 vol1-6

Featuring such thrilling pieces as She Drank Her Victim’s Blood, I Fell 50,000 FeetEscape From The Wall, Stag Show Dancer, and I Dove For Treasure

via the Jordan Evans collection

3 Years With The She-Devils Of The Sulu Sea

Man's Conquest magazine cover, March 1959 thumbnail
Man's Conquest March 1959 thumbnail
Man's Conquest magazine cover, March 1959
Man's Conquest March 1959

The Amazing Saga of Charlie Hathaway’s Battalion Of Women Warriors


The Double-Crossing Love Dolls Of Tokyo

Real Men October 1963

Also featuring I Was The King Of Stag Movies, The Golden Treasure Of Yucatan, and Sex From A Bottle


Wild Yank McCumley’s Wonderful Urubu Harem

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Real Adventure January 1961

9 Months In A Venezuelan Girl Paradise

Also featuring Blonde Dolly: Giveaway Harlot Of Amsterdam, The Turncoat Commando Who Suckered The Jap Army, and The Blimp That Bombed Chicago

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Kayo The German Lighthouse And Save The Anzio Landing

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Bluebook August 1963

Also featuring Sinful Madam Elva: World’s Wealthiest Call Girl, Our New Underwater Air Force (Fighter-bombers launched from 100 feet below the ocean), American Agent Murdoch’s Escape From Russia’s Dragnet, and After 29 Days The Crew Ate Pilot Malmgren. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Pilot to Control Tower, I’m Hijacking My Own Plane

Stag magazine cover, December 1973 thumbnail
Stag magazine December 1973 thumbnail
Stag magazine cover, December 1973
Stag magazine December 1973