The Dark Tunnel

Lion Books 48 1950

The Story Of A Homosexual Spy

From the back:

The strong and delicate shape of her head was the same and her body was as I remembered it. Slim and straight as a boy’s, with small, high breasts and narrow hips and firm legs like a dancer’s . . .
As he remembered it! The only difference was—this was not a woman but a man! A man who loved other men. A man who was a spy.


Hotel Talleyrand

Bantam A1405 1955

The big novel about Americans in the Foreign Service. Here is the book that reveals the secrets behind the game of international diplomacy. The sensational story of one American caught in a web of passion and desire…


Throne of Satan


Today Dominat is the demon scientist who conceived Operation Sugarstrike. Tomorrow he will be World Emperor… unless Intertrust agent Mark Hood can wrest him from his volcanic lair.


Mr. X and the Lonely Corpse

Detective Tales August 1938 thumbnail
Detective Tales v10 n01 [1938-08] 0038 thumbnail
Detective Tales August 1938
Detective Tales v10 n01 [1938-08] 0038

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Nautipuss, paperback cover, 1965 thumbnail
Ember Library #EL-309 1965 thumbnail
Ember Library 309 1965 thumbnail
1965 Ember EL 309 thumbnail
Nautipuss, paperback cover, 1965
Ember Library #EL-309 1965
Ember Library 309 1965
1965 Ember EL 309

Agent 0008 Battles The Temptress Of The Deep!

From the back:

It was the most difficult assignment of killer agent 0008’s career. For he must succumb to the ravishing demands of the most evil woman of all time — the diabolical sex goddess — Captain Demo, whose insatiable band of female slaves formed a prison of flesh aboard the — Nautipuss

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