Kid With The Hot Lead Look

Best Western December 1951

Killer, They Called Him. Just Because He Was Good With A Gun.


A Kiss Of Flame For France’s Lovely Daughters Of Freedom

Men Today Magazine June 1964


Death Hogs The Spotlight

Variety Detective Magazine August 1938

First issue. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Python Men of Lost City

37496845-Captain_Hazzard_Magazine_V1#1_(Magazine_Publishers_Inc.,_1938) thumbnail
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Meet the Dashing, Mystifying Captain Hazzard, Ace Adventurer, Conqueror of Fear, Master of Modern Science, Thrill to His Startling Adventure in … Python Men of Lost City

This is the only issue of this magazine ever printed. The entire thing can be downloaded here

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Stranger Than Truth

Detective Book Magazine Spring 1947-48

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Shadow Of The Gun

Complete Western Book Magazine December 1954

It Hung Over Every Man On Canyon Creek. And Not, Like They Said, Because Of Graze-Greed, But Because Of One Heartless, Soulless, Flame-Tressed Wildtown Girl…


Variety Story Magazine, October 1938

Variety Story Magazine 1938 October

Variety Detective and Variety Novels also have lovely Norman Saunders covers.


Bonfire In Hell For The Nazi’s Passion Slaves

World of Men September 1968

Also featuring Coed Prostitutes: True Story Of Campus “Sex-For-Pay”, Beware The Sex Tricks Of Husband-Hunting Neurotics, Are You A Victim Of Your Own Lust Fantasies? and Polish Beauties Who Loved A Kraut General To Death