Sin King

Midnight Reader MR 424, 1962

They said Casanova Was His Ancestor — So Lust-Hungry Women Made Him Prove It!

From the back:

Passion Time…
was any time under the Mediterranean sun for a young American expatriate. And Al was just the guy lo lie back on the sand and enjoy to the hilt any love that washed his way along the beach. And there was plenty of it with Erika, the uninhibited blond Swedish girl, and Nancy, the corn-fed Kansas tourist who was out for a ball and Al filled the bill. There were others, a harem of bikini-clad dolls with eager eyes and aching arms, and life was never better. But that was just the beginning, for when word got around that Al was a descendant of the great lover, Casanova, the ball became an orgy that led all the way up to the shocking parties of the Countess of Delphi, parties where Al had to prove he was an…
Insatiable Lover


Lust Ring

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Nightstand Books NB1612 1962

They Were Wantons — Trapped In An Orgy Of Sin!

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Party Girl (1960)

Nightstand Book NB 1509 1960

Love was a business for Laura!
She Embraced More Men In A Night Than Most Women Know In A Lifetime!


The Miracle Of Ronald Weems

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Imaginative Tales, May 1955 thumbnail
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Imaginative Tales, May 1955
Imaginative Tales, May 1955
Imaginative Tales 1955-05 007
Imaginative Tales 1955-05 060

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Black Magic Holiday

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Life A Bit Dull? Then Have Yourself A Ball! When Magicians Hold A Convention It’s A — Black Magic Holiday


Carnival of Lust (1959)

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Nightstand Book 1506 1959

My Husband Won’t Love Me — Will You?


Goddess of the Golden Flame

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Rick Mason was sent on a mission deep within the Himalayas — where he was to find a hidden secret — and a Goddess

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The Sword and the Pool

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