Stud In Paradise!

Man's True Danger December 1967

He didn’t mind fathering a new race with all those south seas beauties but there was a half a million dollars waiting for him in Frisco…

Also featuring Warning! Sex Can Kill You!, Sex International’s New Isle Of Shame!, Girls’ School Orgy, Where To Find A $Million$ Buried On Long Island!, and The Lust Galley Of The Jet Set Playboy


Follow A Dead Man’s Trail To the Hill Of Bloody Emeralds!

Real Men July 1969

Also featuring Sex Mad Housewives And Their Teen-Age Lovers!, We Battled Castro’s Goons through a Night Of Slaughter, How You Can Be Trapped Into Making Love In Front Of An Audience! and Miracle Escape From The Nazi Killers Of Cisterna!

This cover was reused from the November 1965 issue.


Dr. Borg’s School For Frigid Wives

South Sea Magazine January 1964

Also, Torture Techniques Of The Ranch Raiders, Harem Stealing Yank In Arabia, and The Vampire Bats Of The Carolina Islands


The Tragedy Of Spider Island

Wonder Stories Magazine September 1930 thumbnail
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Wonder Stories Magazine September 1930
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WS30-09 0062

Not related to The Horrors Of Spider Island.

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Island Of Violent Virgins

South Sea Magazine October 1960

Also, The Island Where Sex Is Compulsory, Human Studs In Arabia, I Rescued Brigitte From Harem Torture, My Gem Jackpot In Honduras, and I Saw The Forbidden Somali Sex Dance


Morua Fights For Love

South Sea Stories - October 1940

Note the dead guy with a knife in his back floating at bottom left.


Those Teen Temptress Beach Parties

Man's Action October 1969

Also featuring Nude Coeds Reward Campus Rioters, Vast Treasures Off The Carolina Coast, The Naked Love-Goddess Expedition To Hell, and The Carib Queen Of The She-Devil Cult

Cover reused from True Danger


Mercy Island

Dell 721 1953

Shipwrecked in the tropics… Stripped of society’s conventions


Tragedy of Stalin’s Beautiful Girl Spy

Argosy June 1942

Also, More About the G-String Murders and a guy fighting a shark with a knife.


The Women-Ridden Island of Last Resort

Man's Life January 1961

Also featuring Sin In Snowland: The Shame of the Ski Lodge Shack-Ups


Rage On The Bar (1958)


Passion, Intrigue And Conflict Under The Tropic Sun

From the back:

This coiorful novel of the tropics probes one of odays rnost4 explosive issues — racial tension on a sun-drenched Caribbean island .. . where white oppres-sion drives the natives to unspeakable atrocities . . . and the jaded ruling class drowns its guilt in orgiastic parties and pleasures . . .

“Demands comparison with Alec Waugh’s fleshy and popular Island In The SunRage On The Bar is harder… It builds swiftly… The sex is perverse… An exciting and very significant narrative.” New York Times