Mercy Island

Dell 721 1953

Shipwrecked in the tropics… Stripped of society’s conventions


Tragedy of Stalin’s Beautiful Girl Spy

Argosy June 1942

Also, More About the G-String Murders and a guy fighting a shark with a knife.


The Women-Ridden Island of Last Resort

Man's Life January 1961

Also featuring Sin In Snowland: The Shame of the Ski Lodge Shack-Ups


Rage On The Bar (1958)


Passion, Intrigue And Conflict Under The Tropic Sun

From the back:

This coiorful novel of the tropics probes one of odays rnost4 explosive issues — racial tension on a sun-drenched Caribbean island .. . where white oppres-sion drives the natives to unspeakable atrocities . . . and the jaded ruling class drowns its guilt in orgiastic parties and pleasures . . .

“Demands comparison with Alec Waugh’s fleshy and popular Island In The SunRage On The Bar is harder… It builds swiftly… The sex is perverse… An exciting and very significant narrative.” New York Times


South Sea Playmate

South Sea Stories January 1963

Featuring Death Diamonds Of Guajira, Sex Afloat: The Willing Women American Men Are Passing Up, Sergeant Farley’s Moment Of Terror, I Fought With The Sadists on the Cliff of Death, and Flashlight on a Nude


Danger Trail (Original Title: The Barefoot Mailman)


They Fought The Tropics, ‘gators, And Each Other — For A Woman!


Raw Meat For The Jaws Of Hell

Man's Story April 1962

Also featuring Passion Slave Of The Whip Goddess, Truth About Abnormal Love Impulses, Deliver Your Virgins or We Burn The Town, and Damned Beauties of The Nazi Horror Museum


The White Savage


Typhoon and Terror Rage in the Malay Seas… One Man Alone Is Brave Enough To Defy Them Both


Tahiti – Where My Dreams Came True

Adventure December 1964

It’s a magical place.


Jungle Heat (1960)

Pyramid G495 1960 thumbnail
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Pyramid G495 1960

The electrifying love affair of a Malayan planter and a Hollywood actress — bold, passionate, uninhibited

From the back:

He ordered her out of his bedroom, but she wasn’t ready to go. Drunkenly she turned toward him and began to sway sinuously. The next thing she felt was his fist across her face — and then his arms pulling her to his body.

Eager for front-page publicity, Roxy Powell accepted a movie deal in a ravaged land ruled by a man she swore to hate. But in the heat of the jungle she came to him — and acknowledged the urgency of her desire.

Written by Robert Wade and Bill Miller, this book was originally published under the name Dale Wilmer. This printing appears under Wade & Miller’s more usual pseudonym of Wade Miller

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