The Resort Crowd

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Her husband was no longer interested in her… but she was a young, healthy woman who demanded attention

From the back:

What can a healthy woman do when her husband loses interest in her voluptuous charms? Linda Crandall first attempts to solve this age-old problem by trying to seduce, all over again, her reluctant spouse. But, desperate from his continued indifference, she becomes mired in the activities of the swinging set at Blue Mountain Lake.
First she joins the wild beach antics of young Todd Beardon and his two nymphet companions. Then, fascinated by artist Michael Flagg’s crudity, she visits his studio and learns his bluster is supported by a lusty nature. This starts a crazed search for varied kicks with. . . Blake, of the weird ideas. . . Nora Rankin in a nonconformist way. . . and finally as a tutor to young Todd.
The sun-drenched days and hot nights blend into one continuous cesspool where promiscuity becomes its own punishment and only moral reorganization becomes the true solution.