Girl On The Beach

Beacon Books B346 1960

From Out Of The Sea She Came To Him, Naked And Unashamed…
A scorching novel of the love-them-paint-them art world — of anxious-to-undress girls who knock down studio doors — of Lissa, whose body kindled fiery desires!

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Sun, Sex, And Frenzy

Beacon Books B555Fn 1962

Fort Lauderdale, U.S.A: Here Is The True, Shocking Story Of Those Annual Student Vacations Which Offer Sun… Sand… And Sex!

From the back:

Carol and Walt Mahon came to Fort Lauderdale on business—or so they thought! They learned—too late—that this torrid town can tear any marriage apart—with raw temptation! Nobody could teach these kids anything—and nobody could stop them from their own wild brand of love-making!
CAROL MAHON—Blond, long-limbed and restless in her marriage. “Be nice to my customers,” her husband had pleaded. How could she tell him that the right stranger’s touch made her lose all control?
WALT MAHON —Once a football immortal, he was a challenge to every loose girl sprawled on the beach. Two lewd blond co-eds lured him to a nightmare awakening!
HARRY IVES —Sportsman and playboy, he knew the world and all its kinds of women. His yacht became a floating bedroom for any girl who dared to come aboard!
DONALD IVES—In jail or in bed—at 18—he was obsessed with proving that he was a better man than his millionaire father:
BARBARA DOWNS—A steaming co-ed on a wild fun-and-frolic binge. College was hundreds of miles away but she’d let any man teach her the facts of love. She challenged all comers—father or son!

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The Nude Bikini Debs Of The Death-Head Gang

Man's True Danger December 1962

Also featuring Nine Love Traps To Be Aware Of, Nympho Wives, We Raided The Bordello Of Bored Women And Their Illicit Lovers and Seaman Wilbur Longbaugh’s Seven Year Love Battle


Naked To My Past (Original Title: Mandrake Root)

Popular Library 619 (Nov., 1954). First Printing. Cover Artist is Uncredited thumbnail
21397388-4948711261_5587ed9d38_o[1] thumbnail
Popular Library 619 (Nov., 1954). First Printing. Cover Artist is Uncredited

With How Many Men Had She Betrayed Him?

Why anyone would read the Kinsey Report when this is available, passes understanding” — Pasadena Star-News

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Jungle Heat (1960)

Pyramid G495 1960 thumbnail
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Pyramid G495 1960

The electrifying love affair of a Malayan planter and a Hollywood actress — bold, passionate, uninhibited

From the back:

He ordered her out of his bedroom, but she wasn’t ready to go. Drunkenly she turned toward him and began to sway sinuously. The next thing she felt was his fist across her face — and then his arms pulling her to his body.

Eager for front-page publicity, Roxy Powell accepted a movie deal in a ravaged land ruled by a man she swore to hate. But in the heat of the jungle she came to him — and acknowledged the urgency of her desire.

Written by Robert Wade and Bill Miller, this book was originally published under the name Dale Wilmer. This printing appears under Wade & Miller’s more usual pseudonym of Wade Miller

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