T as in Trapped


“She Was Practically Asking To Be Killed”
There Was A Good Julie And A Bad Julie — Together They Made The Most Interesting Temptress Who Ever Framed An Innocent Man


Three-Time Sinner

Cameo Books 313 1952

The exciting story of the passionate affairs of a beautiful and impetuous girl with an amazing capacity for love!


I Killed Stalin

Eton Books E119, 1952 thumbnail
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Eton Books E119, 1952

Through Terror, Torture, And Perversity With A U.S. Secret Agent

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Tempting Tigress (Original Title: Bedtime Blonde)

Tempting Tigress, digest cover, 1953 thumbnail
Tempting Tigress, Carnival Books #907, 1953 thumbnail
Hollywood Hellcat, Star Novels #764, c. 1956 thumbnail
Tempting Tigress, digest cover, 1953
Tempting Tigress, Carnival Books #907, 1953
Hollywood Hellcat, Star Novels #764, c. 1956

Her Door Was Always Open To A Man Who Was Able To Pay

This same novel was later again re-titled Hollywood Hellcat

The Shocking Story Of What A Woman Must Do To Become A Star


Farewell My Young Lover (Original Title: A Sound Of Voices Dying)

Popular Library, #665 thumbnail
Popular Library, #665 back thumbnail
Popular Library, #665
Popular Library, #665 back

The Fury And Ecstasy Of Young Rapture

From the back:

The compassionate tale of two young girls who taught an eager college freshman the meaning of life and love: Jean, the pretty party girl, who became infatuated with Reid on a blind date. And Laura, the lonesome blonde trapped in a brutal marriage, desperately seeking love before time ran out.


God Wears A Bow Tie

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A Daring Reporter Raises The Curtain On Broadway’s Private Peep-Show

From the back:

When Larry Stark set out to gather news for a Broadway scandal-sheet known as Showcase, he learned soon enough what dirty work was expected of him by his Boss, Pidgeon Ellis—the little man with the bow tie who was the most feared character in Show Business.
Quitting his job, he threw himself into the fight against everything Pidgeon Ellis stood for. Before he was through, he knew every knave on Fast Buck Avenue—and their women. Here, ready for him to take, was Broadway in the raw: good girls and glamor girls —men without morals and affairs without shame—rogues who lived by their wits, and ladies who took them for all they had!