T as in Trapped


“She Was Practically Asking To Be Killed”
There Was A Good Julie And A Bad Julie — Together They Made The Most Interesting Temptress Who Ever Framed An Innocent Man


Three-Time Sinner

Cameo Books 313 1952

The exciting story of the passionate affairs of a beautiful and impetuous girl with an amazing capacity for love!


I Killed Stalin

Eton Books E119, 1952 thumbnail
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Eton Books E119, 1952

Through Terror, Torture, And Perversity With A U.S. Secret Agent

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Tempting Tigress (Original Title: Bedtime Blonde)

Tempting Tigress, digest cover, 1953 thumbnail
Tempting Tigress, Carnival Books #907, 1953 thumbnail
Hollywood Hellcat, Star Novels #764, c. 1956 thumbnail
Tempting Tigress, digest cover, 1953
Tempting Tigress, Carnival Books #907, 1953
Hollywood Hellcat, Star Novels #764, c. 1956

Her Door Was Always Open To A Man Who Was Able To Pay

This same novel was later again re-titled Hollywood Hellcat

The Shocking Story Of What A Woman Must Do To Become A Star


Farewell My Young Lover (Original Title: A Sound Of Voices Dying)

Popular Library, #665 thumbnail
Popular Library, #665 back thumbnail
Popular Library, #665
Popular Library, #665 back

The Fury And Ecstasy Of Young Rapture

From the back:

The compassionate tale of two young girls who taught an eager college freshman the meaning of life and love: Jean, the pretty party girl, who became infatuated with Reid on a blind date. And Laura, the lonesome blonde trapped in a brutal marriage, desperately seeking love before time ran out.