Bloody Gold

G-Men Detective November 1936

Note that he appears to be using the very rare Colt Monitor, which was the FBI’s official “fighting rifle” although less than 125 were made.

Also featuring Murder Merchants, Confessional, and The Black Chamber


Love Secrets Of California’s Rattlesnake Romeo

Startling Detective October 1936

This entire issue can be downloaded here

She-Devil And The Love Bargain In Blood

True Police Cases March 1958

Also featuring So Evil My Life — An Amazing Confession By A Sex Criminal!


I Fingered The Vice Lord In The Teen-Age Call Girl Syndicate

True Police Cases August 1959


I Lived Among Scarlet Sinners In The House Of Lost Women

True Police Yearbook 1957


I’ll Show You Where The Body Lies

True Detective December 1956

Also, The Weinberg Kidnapping