Murder’s Madcap Mermaid

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15 Story Detective June 1950

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Blonde Bait For A Jap Spy Trap


We don’t often post photo covers, but this one is just too perfect to ignore.


Death Has Loving Arms!

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“Pay Up — And I’ll Shut Up!” She Said. Blackmailing Baby Beware!

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Carnival Girl (1956)

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She Was All He Wanted

From the back:

Joe Harper had the circus in his blood. And he was content to be the advance man for Bartow Shows until sultry, conniving Norma Donald made him her protege, Her. husband, Tim, managed the circus, but Norma had other ideas. And Joe was going to help her.

In love with aerialist Yselle Obello, he learned too late that Norma was a tramp with passion and power on her mind. She held all the winning cards. And she was prepared to use them to get every evil thing she wanted.

Apparently unrelated to this book.


Solving Florida’s “Murders In The Nude”

American Detective August 1936

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Love Letters of the Slain Wall Street Romeo and the Jilted Red-Haired Typist

Real Detective December 1937

Also, Kentucky Vengeance