Quickie Kill

Hollywood Detective January 1950

Also, Murder In Technicolor


Unmasking New Yorks’s “Unknown Blonde” Racket

Master Detective August 1942


Run, Lez, Run


From the back:

It did not seem to make any difference how far or how hard Margo ran. . . Her problem could, and did, follow her no matter how many towns or how many men she tried to put between herself and her guilt. She found Havana was no different. As she tried on one of the exotic Carmen’s costumes she felt the other dancer’s hungry glance on her near-nude body. She recognized the need in the other woman’s eyes and all to well knew what her response would be. . . As the other woman slowly crossed the room toward Margo she could feel the blood pounding in her ears, the surge of passion flowing over her entire body and a small moan of despair and desire trembled on her lips . . .


Rim Of Danger

Detective Tales 1951 January

“Rim Of Danger” is what I call it when I put habanero salt on the rim of my Bloody Mary.


Slayer, Come Back To Me!

Dime Mystery Magazine July 1945

Presumably unrelated to Killer, Come Back To Me


The Man Who Was Millions


This entire issue can be downloaded here