Legion Of The Damned

Adventure Yarns - August 1938

The first of only two issues


Riders Of The Burning Sand!

All-Adventure Action Novels - Spring 1939

Also, Drums Of The Desert, Red Typhoon, and The Iron Men of Devil’s Island


I Saw The Slave Girl Market

True Adventures December 1960

Also, How To Tell If She’s Really Faithful, Sex À La Carte, and Violent Violet’s Strip-Tease Trap: Kiss Me And Die!


Lawrence Of Arabia: Desert Fighter and Woman Hater

Sir! July 1962


Legion Of The Desert Beast

Man's Conquest February 1960

Also featuring Which Wives Will Be Unfaithful, Jap-Eating Java Girl Brigade!, and You Fight Your War — I’ll Fight Mine!


Variety Story Magazine, October 1938

Variety Story Magazine 1938 October

Variety Detective and Variety Novels also have lovely Norman Saunders covers.


Well Of The Virgins

Well of Virgins, Battle Cry magazine cover, December 1959 thumbnail
4779917222_223b3af2a0_o thumbnail
Well of Virgins, Battle Cry magazine cover, December 1959

Notice that I have not tagged this cover “Helpless Women”

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The Black Pearls Of Aru

Real Man cover, January 1960 thumbnail
34732974-5834786701_6acec145b9_o[1] thumbnail
Real Man cover, January 1960

A Million Dollars Lay In My Grasp, Until A Woman’s Flesh Led Me Into Hell

Also featuring The Hundred Moro Maidens Of Pvt. “Billy Bones” and Sex: America’s Biggest Business

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Secrets Of The Afrika Korps’ Torture Palace

MEN TODAY October 1961


The Nude Sex Slave Flesh Prisons Of Calcutta

Man's Action October 1968

Also, Playboys Are Lousy Lovers!, The Wild Hippie Drug And Death Orgy, I Snatched A Beautiful Victim From The Chinese Red Guard!, Naked Terror Of The Hell’s Angels Revenge, and Virgin Streams Have The Gold–And You Can Get It!


The Dragoman’s Confession

Oriental Stories Summer 1932 thumbnail
006-OS v02n03 (1932-Sum) 006 thumbnail
036-OS v02n03 (1932-Sum) 036 thumbnail
118-OS v02n03 (1932-Sum) 118 thumbnail
Oriental Stories Summer 1932
006-OS v02n03 (1932-Sum) 006
036-OS v02n03 (1932-Sum) 036
118-OS v02n03 (1932-Sum) 118

This entire issue can be downloaded here