Lost Treasure Of Slave King River

Real Men August 1965

Also, Why We Like Wife Swapping, Sex And Strippers, and Death Trap in the Himalayas


Greenwich Village, N.Y. One Square Mile Of Sex!

Real Men April 1961


Did Passion Pave The Way For Iowa’s Poison Pair?

Inside Detective July 1942


The Fiend Of Sleepy Hollow

Thrilling Mystery - February 1936

Also, Hell’s Half Acre, Graveyard Rats, and By Subway To Hell


The Midnight Murderer

36545067-Double-Action_Detective_pulp_magazine_cover_illustration_for_the_January_1939_issue thumbnail
Double Action Detective January 1939 thumbnail
Double Action Detective January 1939

Also includes Crime In The Dynway, whatever that is.

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